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MOSAIQ® Survivorship™ toolkit helps you to deliver long term care and support for your cancer survivor patients. Throughout the patient journey, MOSAIQ collects important data covering all aspects of the patient's treatment which can then be used to create a customized patient treatment summary, documenting the recommendations the clinician has made for follow-up based on the patient’s specific diagnosis and treatment. Utilizing our partnerships with leaders in the field of oncology, including the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN), MOSAIQ Survivorship provides a wealth of patient educational material developed for cancer survivors. The materials include information for many types of cancer that can be accessed and links incorporated into a Survivorship portfolio delivered directly to your patient. As the patient completes active treatment, the oncologist and care teams can access a library of templates integrated within MOSAIQ Oncology Information System to create a personalized treatment summary, allowing them to plan, track and report the patient’s follow-up status. Users can also fax documents and reports from within the EMR to the patient’s regular physician. This may also include local support information and guidance for health and wellbeing, long-term adverse affects, self management, returning to work and resuming physical activity. Why MOSAIQ® Survivorship •Support cancer survivor's long term care after treatment • Improve patient satisfaction by identifying future tests and appointments required • Build survivorship care plans for individual patients including wider local support activities • Access Industry standard guidelines to help tailor patient aftercare plans based on a specific disease type • Record long term follow up information in MOSAIQ for future reporting outcomes data Survivorship Plan #Smith, Jane 9/10/1963 • Increase participation in clinical trials >ABLE. SHERRI MedRc: 98765 • Improve practice efficiency through reduced phone calls and routine administrative tasks for patients who have completed treatment • Expand the use of electronic healthcare records The improved communication between patient and the oncology team using the MOSAIQ Survivorship program helps increase overall patient satisfaction in the long term, while providing a valuable extension of your oncology practice. This flexible functionality can be delivered to the patient and to referring physicians by print, by email, by a password protected jump drive, through a patient portal or other electronic and web-based platforms. For more information please visit

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What’s Included: • A patient-specific treatment summary of diagnosis, treatment delivered, names and contact information for key staff involved in the patient’s care, and a list of any scheduled appointments. A customizable list or calendar for the patient of consultations, exams and tests that are recommended by the oncologist following treatment. Cancer-specific patient education material including information from ACS and NCCN incorporated into the summary. The care provider can also adjust the type and quantity of ACS material that is provided to the patient. Customizable local...

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