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Comprehensive treatment planning Time to focus on what counts

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Time to focus on what counts In contemporary brachytherapy, the medical The latest version of Oncentra® Brachy offers physicist needs to process an increasing amount a variety of useful tools that facilitate many of of information and turn it into effective the repetitive tasks for you, such as contouring treatment plans in a limited time. Variables and reconstruction. In this way, Oncentra include precise information on the implant, Brachy helps you accelerate your workflow and target anatomy and surrounding tissues and optimize the accuracy of your treatment plan. critical organs. All...

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Easy mapping of patient anatomy Contouring in arbitrary planes Reduced implant reconstruction time Implant modeling and applicator modeling Simplified procedures Automatic dose optimization Created by History, Prepared for Tomorrow From the pioneering NPS to the trendsetting PLATO planning platform, our treatment planning legacy continues to fuel treatment planning innovation. Today, Oncentra Brachy offers state-of-the-art film- and volume-based treatment planning. Tomorrow, with Oncentra Brachy, the next evolution in treatment planning will be within reach.

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Easy mapping of patient anatomy Contouring in arbitrary planes Oncentra Brachy allows you to navigate freely in the image data set, whether it is CT, PET/CT, ultrasound or MRI. You can easily scroll through the images in any direction (sagittal, axial and arbitrary), enjoying full flexibility when contouring regions of interest (ROI). By combining the arbitrary planes view with, for instance, the pearl tool, you can now realize real 3D contouring possibilities. The same concept of free navigation in arbitrary planes view is used in the catheter reconstruction mode, giving you the option to...

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Instant Plan Evaluation with the DVH Dashboard Oncentra Brachy employs DVH presets – user-definable Dose Volume Histogram parameters, such as D90 and V100 and their thresholds. Using a “dashboard” screen that shows the planned dose administration and matching DVH settings, users can visually evaluate and instantly determine if treatment plan objectives will be met. ROI Catalog manager for standardization in contouring The ROI Catalog Manager is used to define ROI sets per anatomical site (such as prostate or cervix), containing standardized line colors and thicknesses for display, as...

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Reduced implant reconstruction time Applicator Modeling The Applicator Modeling module contains the complete geometry of Elekta Brachytherapy rigid gynecological applicators, and includes the measured source paths of ring applicators. This powerful tool is very easy to use: simply select the applicator type and insert the 3D geometric model in the image set. The applicator is instantly reconstructed in relation to the anatomy. For shielded applicators, Oncentra Brachy accounts not only for dose attenuation resulting from shielding during planning, but now the shields are fully visible in...

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Simplified procedures Exclusive inverse planning tools for automated optimization of dose conformity Automatic dose optimization Any planning procedure has the competing objectives of optimal target coverage, dose homogeneity and protection of organs-at-risk. Oncentra Brachy offers two inverse optimization algorithms that can automatically deliver the optimum dose distribution within the user-defined clinical contraints. During the automated process, you retain full control. Not only are you able to define the constraints yourself, but inverse optimization can also be combined with any...

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Preparing for the future: Advanced Collapsed cone Engine (ACE) Oncentra® Brachy is another step closer to clinical ACE, fully integrated in Oncentra Brachy, discriminates reality with the addition of its new Advanced Collapsed between tissue, air and bone and accounts for tissue cone Engine (ACE). This dose calculation algorithm for heterogeneities, lack of backscatter from areas where brachytherapy is based on the TG-186 recommendations there is no tissue, applicator attenuation and shielding. published by the AAPM workgroup in 2012. With accuracy similar to Monte Carlo, but with faster...

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Oncentra Brachy intelligent workflow tools DICOM Import Dosimetry Optimization Full DICOM compatibility CT/MR image fusion Implant Modeling DICOM RT outstanding import/export Arbitrary planes navigation Applicator Modeling Pearl tool Auto catheter recognition Advanced visualization Arbitrary planes reconstruction (ECS) Library plans Synchronized plan evaluation HIPO with catheter locking Graphical optimization Film and volume based planning Oncentra® Brachy: Time to focus on what counts Comprehensive brachytherapy treatment planning that: • Allows you to focus on creating accurate and...

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Elekta brachytherapy solutions are part of Elekta’s leading radiation therapy portfolio and encompass more than 35 years of Nucletron® innovations. These advanced products include Esteya® electronic brachytherapy, Flexitron® afterloading, Oncentra® Brachy treatment planning, the broadest range of applicators in the industry and Real-time Prostate solutions. A human care company, Elekta pioneers significant innovations and clinical solutions harnessing both external and internal radiation therapy for treating cancer and brain disorders. Elekta provides intelligent and resource-efficient...

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