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Precise Treatment System™ Clinically Flexible Digital Linear Accelerator Personalized radiotherapy solutions for everyday treatment care

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As more and more people require radiotherapy as an integral part of their cancer treatment, there is a need for a flexible solution to deliver safe and accurate care quickly. With all patients requiring tailored treatments, it is essential to have a solution that is easily adapted to provide patient-specific treatments without increasing clinical workflows. This way, just as each patient is unique so is the treatment they receive. The Precise Treatment System (Precise Digital Accelerator) from Elekta has been designed specifically to meet this need. With its integrated digital control...

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Precise Treatment System™ - 3

Why Precise Treatment System™? Simple, intelligent digital coordination of multiple linac functions Largest gantry isocenter clearance in the market for non-coplanar techniques Intuitive IGRT solution for accurate positional verification Fast and effective treatment solution with VMAT delivery Complete package with easy to use software for planning and information management Multiple photon and electron energies for clinical flexibility Upgradable solution to support future growth and latest developments

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In radiation dose delivery, it is essential to have constant high speed monitoring and precise control in order to have confidence in the performance of the radiation delivery. With its integrated digital control, the Precise Treatment System provides this confidence. It ensures that the dose rate is prescribed, monitored and managed as it is being delivered through real time communication with additional independent verification at regular intervals against the treatment prescription. Through its single integrated digital control it provides control and monitoring across over 100,000...

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Precise Treatment System™ - 5

Delivery Techniques The precise treatment system supports a range of pre- like IMRT or VMAT, the Precise Treatment System ensures configured or optional delivery techniques providing improved dose conformity to target structures while the physician with the flexibility to tailor the treatment reducing delivery times, allowing more patients to to suit the needs of each individual patient. Whether it is a simple static delivery or something more complex Static delivery Wedged delivery Arc delivery PreciseBeam™ Segmental PreciseBeam™ Dynamic PreciseBeam™ Dynamic Arc Pr

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Precise Treatment System™ - 6

iViewGT™ is Elekta’s MV electronic portal imaging solution which provides real-time, high quality images using the treatment beam for image acquisition. Through simple and flexible image review tools, it allows patient position verification and correction with efficient workflows. The unique advantage of utilizing the treatment beam is that during the treatment session, images of the treatment fields can be captured for verification of dose placement, providing a powerful tool for IMRT quality assurance and dosimetry. • High quality, low dose images • Single, double and multiple image...

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Precise Treatment System™ - 7

Integrated Beam Shaping The desire to deliver high doses to the target is finely and integrated design. Supported by active leakage balanced against the growing need to minimize dose to reduction, you can trust this design to provide the lowest healthy tissue outside of the target volume. The MLCi2 integral dose on the market even when using advanced Multileaf Collimator on the Precise Treatment System delivery techniques. helps you achieve this fine balance through its innovative Average leakage with back-up diaphragms of 0.1% Interdigitation capability for plan efficiency Accuracy through...

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Precise Treatment System™ - 8

Software Elekta’s human-centric software creates an efficient clinicians more time to focus on patients. Elekta’s open clinical environment in which all activities related systems and vendor-neutral connectivity ensure cross- to patient care - from diagnosis, treatment planning platform flexibility to integrate the most advanced and and follow-up - are as streamlined as possible, giving useful tools. • Reduce planning time and increase clinical efficiency with the most advanced suite of planning functionality - XiO® and Monaco® offer easy and clinically reliable planning - Highly accurate...

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Precise Treatment System™ - 9

Service Powered by Elekta IntelliMax™ technology, Service providing access to the latest digital platforms and Engineers can remotely access, monitor or troubleshoot techniques such as VMAT to increase patient throughput. Treatment Delivery System suites across the internet. Designed around customer needs, Elekta Training and Servicing and problem solving become more efficient, Education programs ensure clinics realize the full value thereby increasing clinical availability. True preventative of investments and advanced clinical practice. maintenance becomes a reality. Precise Treatment...

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Precise Treatment System™ - 10

Workflow The Elekta Precise Treatment System has been designed set up and delivery for patient treatment. The workflow in collaboration with clinical partners to ensure a clinical below highlights the ease of accurate patient set up to workflow - a workflow that can be optimized for each facilitate VMAT delivery, which protects organs at risk clinic’s setup and their process. This makes the Precise while increasing dose conformance to the tumor. Treatment System ideal for a fast workflow with easy Steps for an online patient treatment Diagnostic imaging for planning Treatment planning

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Precise Treatment System™ - 11

Image review and analysis Remote patient re-positioning if needed VMAT delivery MOSAIQ for information management

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for treating cancer and brain disorders. Elekta provides intelligent and resource-efficient technologies that improve, prolong and save patient lives. We go beyond collaboration seeking long-term relationships built on trust with a shared vision, offering confidence to healthcare providers and their patients. Human Care Makes the Future Possible Corporate Head Office: Regional Sales, Marketing and Service: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America Tel +46 8 587 254 00 Fax +46 8 587 255 00 Art. nr. 4513 371 0185 06:11 © 2011 Elekta AB (publ). All...

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