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INNOCEM Adhesive, self-etching, dual-cure universal resin cement INNOVATION To be use in SOLO or DUO mode. It's up to you to choose according to the clinical situation! Innovative formulas without endocrine disruptors such as BPA, without controversial degradable resins such as BisGMA, BisEMA, TEGDMA, and without addition of HEMA. For a more health-friendly dentistry!

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DD1 step only - Simple and reproductible protocol - Quick and Easy-to-use DDNo pre-treatment of the tooth required DDComfortable working time with self cure mode Universal cementation Metal, composite, etched or silanisated ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges Ti-bases cementation Performant & Reliable Powerful bonding strength on all surfaces: dentin, metal, Zirconia, composite, etched and silanisated ceramic. INNOCEM shows high adhesive performance after 90 days in water. Bonding ceramic to dentin Shear Bond Strength (SBS) 90 days in water Shear Bond Strength (SBS) 24h in water...

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DDIn conjunction with our adhesives systems HEALBOND MP, HEALBOND MAX, H-BOND DDNo activator needed (SMART CONCEPT) DDEnanced bonding effectiveness with the activated contact cure technology (IPC) aryland bridges of 2 to 3 elements, M canal posts cementations (metallic or fiber posts) Root Etched or silanated ceramic veneers prosthondontic restorations with poor retention. All SMART CONCEPT So easy-to-use with all our bonding systems range HEALBOND MP, HEALBOND MAX & H-BOND WITHOUT ACTIVATOR ELSODENT dual-cured products will make our adhesive systems dual without requiring an activator....

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Aesthetic Strong hiding power of opaque shades. Perfect for inlay core and amalgams.. TRANSLUCENT TA2 Kit content: 1 automix syringe 5 ml (10g) Translucent A2 shade + 10 mixing tips + 10 intra-oral tips Kit content: 1 automix syringe 5 ml (10g) Opaque A2 shade + 10 mixing tips + 10 intra-oral tips Kit content: 1 automix syringe 5 ml (10g) Opaque A3 shade + 10 mixing tips + 10 intra-oral tips DM class IIa (0197) excl. tips class I “I have been successfully using INNOCEM universal self-etching dual-cure resin-cement for years, and it is really pleasant to handle in all clinical situations. In...

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