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Excellence in Elemental Analysis Soils Construction Materials ELTRA‘s combustion analyzers are high-quality instruments for quick, precise and easy CHNOS analysis of solid materials. In contrast to other methods, such as ICP or XRF, sample preparation by milling is sufficient for combustion analysis. ELTRA analyzers cover a measuring range from a few ppm up to 100  %.

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Carbon / Sulfur Analysis The carbon and sulfur content are crucial parameters in all organic (coal, coke) and inorganic (steel, cast iron, copper) samples. ELTRA offers tailor-made solutions for a wide range of samples and concentrations. Thanks to their robust design, ELTRA analyzers are also suitable for use in production environments. The ELTRA CS-2000 is the only analyzer in the market for organic as well as inorganic samples. For this purpose, the CS-2000 is equipped with both an induction and a resistance furnace (ELTRA Dual Furnace Technology). Carbon / Sulfur Analyzers CS-580 l...

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Organic Analysis In addition to carbon, sulfur and hydrogen analysis in organic samples ELTRA also offers solutions for thermogravimetric analysis and fractional carbon analysis (TC, TOC, TIC) to reliably characterize complex samples such as coal, soil or waste. Thermogravimetry THERMOSTEP Moisture, volatiles and ash content are important parameters of fuels, food, plastics and many other products. The THERMOSTEP automatically determines these para­ eters in one single analysis m cycle. It places and removes the crucible lids during analysis, thus ensuring correct determination of volatile...

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ELTRA offers a comprehensive product line for the characterization of inorganic samples (such as steel, aluminum, ceramics), ranging from classic CHNOS analyis to surface carbon determination. Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzers ON-900 l OH-900 l ONH-2000 By using an electrode impulse furnace with temperatures in excess of 3,000 °C it is even possible to analyze the element concentrations in refractory metals and alloys. Free test measurements Our professional team of application specialists will find the best possible solution for your analysis requirements. Measuring your samples in...

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