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ARIA - electrosurgical smoke evacuation system


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surgical smoke evacuation system ARIA – created to improve comfort of work and to assure safety of operating team during all electrosurgical procedures. Operating smoke is always an integral part of electrosurgical operation. Smoke generated during cutting and coagulation of tissues may reduce the visibility of operating field. It also may decrease the comfort of work in the operation room. Electrosurgical smoke, in a longer period of time, may have negative influence on the health of people using electrosurgery in their daily work. The ARIA smoke evacuator is intended to evacuate and filter surgical smoke and aerosols arising as a result of the contact between surgical instruments and human tissue. ARIA, compatible with SPECTRUM electrosurgical system and other EMED electrosurgical generators assures safe and comfortable work in the operating room. Advantages of ARIA smoke evacuation system: • quiet operation during operation • 35-hour filter life reduces the costs of procedures • comprehensive three-port filter allows to connect 6mm, 9.5mm or 22mm accessories without using of additional adapters • three levels of air flow regulation • manual or via foot switch control available for other electrosurgical units • integration with SPECTRUM electrosurgical system allows automatic activation of suction while electrosurgical instrument i

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ARIA Technical specyfication SAFETY FEATURES Electric shock protection Application part SUPPLY Rated voltage Motor power rating Flow adjustment OTHER Noise level Static suction of the motor Remote operation DEMENSIONS & WEIGHT Dimensions STANDARD SUCTION HOSE DIAMETERS 22 mm Accesories for ARIA smoke evacuation system PA2010 PenAdapt with 10mm x 122cm tubing with an adapter to 22mm x 183cm hose, 10pcs for disposable handles VS353 ARIA- spare filter 020-001 Smoke evacator ARIA BFPF7/8-10 ARIA, pre-filter, sterile, single-use, 10pcs PA2010B PenAdapt with 10mm x 122cm tubing with an adapter to...

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