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Electrosurgical unit ARTRO


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Electrosurgical unit ARTRO Touch screen SAFETY FEATURES Protection against electric shock: Automatic regulation of Class output power Grade Low-frequency leakage currents SmartDevice System High-frequency leakage currents Generator operation frequency Defibrillation impulse resistance AUTOTEST Advanced bipolar modes for use in Saline Solution OVERLOAD Power monitor TinyLine trolley I CF according to EN 60601-1 according to EN 60601-2-2 333 [kHz] according to EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-2 self-test of generator and accessories after switching the power on generator overload protection POWER OUTPUT FOR MONOPOLAR MODES Maximum cutting power 200 [W] Maximum coagulation power 180 [W] POWER OUTPUT FOR BIPOLAR MODES Maximum cutting power 250 [W] Maximum coagulation power 200 [W] MONOPOLAR COAGULATION COAG BIPOLAR CUTTING BI-CUT BIPOLAR COAGULATION BI-COAG OTHER FEATURES Display Controlled by SpectrumResult TFT 7’’ WVGA Touch screen automatic power regulation WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS Length Width Height Weight POWER SUPPLY Supply voltage Rated power input EMED SP. Z O. O. SP. K. | ul. Ryżowa 69a | 05-816 Opacz-Kolonia | Poland | tel: +48 22 723 08 00 e-mail: | www.eme

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