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confidence in performance As advanced new technologies are developed, so there is constant evolution in surgical techniques, leading to dramatic advances in every area of surgical procedure. In particular these changes apply to electrosurgery.

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EMED has been present in the market since 1995. From the beginning, we have operated   in the medical segment. Electrosurgery is our domain. Starting from a single model of surgical diathermy which entered into production in 1997, we gradually extended our offer. Today, we offer a whole range of electrosurgical units fully equipped with accessories and instruments. Our electrosurgical products vary from small devices for use in outpatient settings to comprehensive electrosurgical systems. Based on our long standing experience in electrosurgical units’ production all together with...

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safety systems confidence through safety To get through a successful operating procedure is always a matter of both — a medical team and instruments the surgeon can relay on. The rule is to pick out instruments in the same way as surgical team, by choosing those that ensure smooth running of any procedure and back-up in case of emergency. EMED systems, after being switched on, perform a comprehensive internal test, whose result  is displayed in the form of a precise, legible message. Overload Protection Supervising the temperature of the most critical components of the system makes it...

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electrosurgical units comparison of technical parameters Monopolar coagulation Bipolar coagulation Bipolar AutoStart/ AutoStop Bipolar cut in liquids Argon ThermoStapler® Endoscopic program Endo-Detect System Neutral Electrode Monitor (NEM) LCD touch screen LED display Detection of connected instruments Monopolar output Bipolar output * available with SDS (6-pin) sockets

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spectrum of use in electrosurgery result oriented performance Spectrum is a state-of-the-art electrosurgical system that automatically adapts to the user’s needs. Our goal was to create an electrosurgical unit that requires no complicated set-up prior to surgery and is ready for operation immediately after instrument connection. Owing to the solutions used in spectrum, the user does not need to control power settings. The spectrum system itself ensures that the output settings are maintained so as to obtain the desired result, regardless of the surgical conditions – result oriented...

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  result oriented performance  5 result oriented performance To facilitate the work with an electrosurgical system to the greatest extent possible,  we have equipped spectrum with a number of functions to support the surgeon during the procedure. • the SmartDevice System detects and identifies the connected instrument. It automatically adjusts the appropriate operating modes and  output parameters to the connected instrument, • the SpectrumResult solution maintains the output settings so as to obtain the desired effect  of diathermy, regardless of the surgical conditions, • ThermoStapler®...

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modes of operations setting performance goals Get to know our electrosurgical operating modes to select them accordingly to your performance goals. Monopolar cutting Cutting with a minimum level of haemostasis. It is used to cut tissues when there is no need to control excessive bleeding. This type of cut  is the safest for the tissue. Cutting with haemostasis It is required when there is a need to control bleeding more intensively already while cutting. It is more effective in terms of controlling bleeding, but it also affects the tissue thermally more. Precise cutting It is used to cut...

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Spray coagulation Contact-free coagulation enabling quick and effective coagulation  of larger surfaces. It eliminates the effect of tissue adhering to the tool. Combines the benefits of forced coagulation and spray coagulation. Enables quick coagulation of tissues using contact, as well a contactfree coagulation of surfaces. It eliminates the necessity of changing the operation mode during the procedure. Forced coagulation It is the traditional type of coagulation that enables quick and effective coagulation of a local haemorrhage. Argon coagulation   A mode used for contact-free...

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Argon efficiency oriented performance   Argon coagulation and cutting Argon plasma coagulation ensures fast and efficient coagulation  of large, heavily bleeding surfaces. Provides effectual devitalisation of tissues, e.g. neoplastic tumours. Argon plasma coagulation means less blood loss and less tissue damage. With penetration depth limited to 3 mm, it is particularly recommended for areas  of high perforation risk. EMED electrosurgical units are equipped with standard argon coagulation and pulse argon coagulation operating modes. Those modes  allows to run any surgical intervention in...

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The advantages of argon coagulation makes an ideal in endoscopic procedures, in gastroenterology in particularly. Argon coagulation  together with dedicated endoscopic modes of operation made by EMED allow safe and effective way of running surgical intervention. For endoscopic interventions EMED dedicates particular flexible  endoscopic probes. They are designed for multiple use and are available  in a variety of sizes and lengths. Detailed list of argon instruments  and accessories are available from current accessories catalogue. Argon in open surgery Argon coagulation is an excellent...

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ThermoStapler® time oriented performance Due to the combination of the thermal and mechanic effects, ThermoStapler® offers a permanent alteration of collagen structure.  Ensures higher resistance and closing. ThermoStapler® enables  closing blood vessels with a diameter of 7 mm, however each time  the user’s assessment of the closing security is needed. Time reducing features • integrated system: diathermy, argon coagulation and a vessel sealing module ensures cost reduction, there is no need to purchase any additional devices • high reliability of the system ensures maximum safety of work...

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