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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 3

    endo precision in endoscopic procedures  1 endo Precision in Endoscopic Procedures When designing endo, we focused on the specific requirements of endoscopic procedures performed in the gastrointestinal tract that pose a challenge to electrosurgery. Our aim was to design an electrosurgical device that enables efficient work during endoscopic procedures and at the same time is very easy to use. The result of our work is endo. It is a compact device that offers functionality which so far was available only in large, complicated electrosurgical equipment. Endo makes it possible to perform...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 4

2  endo gastroenterology in mind  endo gastroenterology in mind • advanced endoscopic cutting modes for polypectomy, sphincterectomy, mucosectomy • special monopolar coagulation modes for endoscopic procedures • argon plasma coagulation in standard and pulse mode • automatic regulation of working parameters on the basis of real-time measurements • instantaneous and average power monitor that enables the operator to control the device’s working parameters • colour touch screen and system for recognition of connected instruments, SDS • control system for the neutral electrode, NEM, and the...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 5

    sds - smart device system  3 SDS - Smart Device System Endo is ready for work immediately after surgical instruments are connected. The device detects and recognises all connected instruments. It automatically adjusts the appropriate working mode and output parameters for the instrument, thereby increasing user comfort during work. The surgeon does not need to think about which mode or setting to use for the selected instrument. Sockets of endo electrosurgical unit feature Smart Device System (SDS) - technology that recognizes connected instrument. CUT/COAG socket is designed for...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 6

4  endo automatic adjustment  endo automatic adjustment Measuring parameters in real time WORK AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT Endo is based on automatic adjustment of working parameters. The user does not have to correct or select settings. The device selects working parameters for the connected instrument. Endo recognises the instrument and automatically selects the appropriate working mode and electrical parameters. Using the SpectrumResult technology, endo monitors all working parameters in real time: actual power, current intensity and voltage applied. Thanks to continuous monitoring of all...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 7

    endo ergonomics and comfort  5 endo ergonomics and comfort A tri-pedal, footswitch was designed especially for endo. The three independent pedals enable immediate activation of the cutting, coagulation or argon plasma modes without changing the footswitch option. The endo tri-pedal footswitch is also available in wireless version. This innovative solution eliminates the additional cables from the operating theatre or procedure room. The endo footswitch communicates with the device using wireless data transfer. The state-of-the-art technology used in the wireless module guarantees data...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 8

endo applications WORKING MODE: ENDOSCOPIC CUTTING POLIPO CUT enables alternating cutting and coagulation of tissues. The output parameters are adjusted to minimise the risk of bleeding in case of insufficient coagulation, and to avoid perforation in case the coagulation is too deep. In this mode, maintaining the appropriate current parameters is crucial in order to obtain cutting with the optimum amount of coagulation. The hardest moment for the generator is initiating the cutting process. The initial demand for power is greater than that needed to continue cutting. Endo is equipped with...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 9

WORKING MODE: PAPILLO CUT is an endoscopic cutting mode for sphincterectomy. In this mode, the device alternately supplies power for coagulation and cutting. PAPILLO CUT limits the risk of uncontrolled cutting of Oddi’s sphincter, which may cause intense bleeding. This is avoided by delivering the power for cutting and coagulation in short impulses. The device operator is able to adjust the intensity of the cutting process depending on the current requirements. Regulation of the cutting intensity provides greater control over theentire incision process. The output power is selected...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 10

WORKING MODE: MUCO CUT is a mode for endoscopic removal of flat lesions in the endothelial and endomucosal tissue in the gastrointestinal tract. In the MUCO CUT mode, the cutting current is supplied as impulses. A nine-degree scale makes it possible to adjust the cutting process to the lesion and user’s working method. MUCO CUT ensures high-precision in terms of cutting depth and direction. In the MUCO CUT mode, the power is selected automatically on the basis of real-time measurements. This mode was designed with ESD and EMR procedures in mind. A marked and elevated lesion can thus be...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 11

WORKING MODE: Safe and effective contact coagulation and contactless in gastroenterological procedures. ENDOSCOPIC COAGULATION ENDO COAG is a soft, monopolar coagulation mode designed for endoscopic procedures. It enables contact coagulation and haemostasis of small haemorrhages using the endoscopic snare. This mode can be also used for marking pathological changes for later removal. ENDO SPRAY is a very efficient mode for gentle, monopolar spray coagulation. The current parameters were selected to ensure quick and safe haemostasis of surface haemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract. When...

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Endo - gastroenterology in mind - 12

WORKING MODE: ENDO BI-COAG is a specialist bipolar coagulation technology. ENDO BI-COAG is a gentle, bipolar coagulation mode. It is designed for specialist bipolar endoscopic probes, also with the irrigation function. In this mode, the bipolar current flows between two poles located on the working tip of the bi-polar probe. Haemostasis is achieved by heating the tissue in direct contact with the bipolar probe tip. Irrigation using saline solution facilitates the flow of the bipolar current, which in turn enhances the electrosurgical effect. This also reduces tissue adhesion on the probe...

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