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ES 120 - compact solution for private practice


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electrosurgery a compact solution for private practice ES120 is an electrosurgical device which uses high-frequency current flow for cutting and coagulating skin lesions. The unit allows to perform procedures in monopolar and bipolar modes. It excels in small surgical, gyneacological, stomatological field and many others. Automatic power regulation The device features fully automatic adjustment of power output based on real-time monitoring of working parameters. Desired effect on tissue is repeatedly consistent in every working conditions. Small size and aesthetic design of ES120 along with its reliability and easy to use features ensure the highest comfort of work. Start-up AutoTest of generator and pluggedin accessories as well as NEM system ensures maximum safety both for an operator and a patient. Output configuration ES120 is equipped with two 6-pin (SDS) outputs or standard 3-pin monopolar and 2-pin bipolar outputs. Areas of applications: • small surgical procedures • oncology (skin lesions removal, samples for tests) • gyneacology • laryngology • dentistry Advantages of ES120: • small size and aesthetic design • efficiency • precision • low operating costs

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accessories for ES120 Knife electrode straight, 25 x 3.5mm, handle 4mm Ball electrode straight, 4mm, handle 4mm Wire loop electrode, 10mm, handle 4mm Ball electrode straight, 4mm, L: 100mm, handle 4mm Loop electrode, 20 x 15mm, L: 120mm, handle 4mm Triangle loop electrode, 10 x 25mm, L: 115mm, handle 4mm 380-030 Disposable neutral electrode cable, 380-050 L: 3m or 5m, flat plug 812-80H Disposable neutral electrode EMED SAFE, hydrogel, split, for adults and children 176x122mm, 110 cm2, 10x5pcs. Electrode handle 4mm, large, 2 switches, cable 4m, 3-pin plug 100-301 One-pedal footswitch, for...

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