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es 350 Argon ThermoStapler®


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Electrosurgical unit ES350 with argon module and ThermoStapler® MultiSwitch: remote SAFETY FEATURES program change Protection against electric shock: Class Special endoscopic modes Grade Low-frequency leakage currents New monopolar modes High-frequency leakage currents Generator operation frequency Argon pulse coagulation Defibrillation impulse resistance NEM System ThermoStapler® - bipolar AUTOTEST sealing of blood vessels – up to 7mm OVERLOAD Monopolar modes MONOPOLAR CUTTING activation: footswitch Pure cutting or handle Blend cutting I I CF according to IEC 60601-1 according to IEC 60601-2-2 333 [kHz] according to EN 60601-1 neutral electrode control self-test of generator and accessories after switching the power on, service codes display generator overload protection Endoscopic cutting Activation of bipolar coagulation: footswitch BIPOLAR CUTTING or AutoStart Bipolar cutting Monopolar and bipolar Blend cutting III modes can be activate with Urological cutting one footswitch Argon cutting (4 levels of haemostasis) Urological bipolar cutting Flat front panel, easy to clean, with push-buttons for modes ARGON and power regulation Gas type Bipolar resection MONOPOLAR COAGULATION Soft coagulation Forced coagulation Spray coagulation Hybrid coagulation Argon coagulation Argon pulse coagulation BIPOLAR COAGULATION Bipolar coagulation AutoStart / AutoStop 120[W] for 50 [Ω] automatic start and stop of bipolar coag. Inlet gas pressure Gas outflow Pressure gauge pure argon 4,8 (99.998 [%]) or higher 0.25-0.4 [MPa] 0.1-9.9 [l/min], regulated 0.1 [l/min] in whole range reducer (0.4 [MPa]) on argon cylinder ThermoStapler® Vessel sealing system AutoStop 300 [W] for 50 [Ω] automatic stop of sealing process after achiving the optimal effect OTHER FEATURES Spectrum Result System Constant control Volume control Program memory MultiSwitch Outputs automatic power regulation real-time monitoring of all parameters 5 levels 9 memory locations remote program selection by footswitch 2 monopolar, 1 bipolar, 1 ThermoStapler® WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS Lenght Width Height Weight POWER SUPPLY Supply voltage Rated power input EMED SP. Z O. O. SP. K. | ul. Ryżowa 69a | 05-816 Opacz near Warsaw

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