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spectrum emeD of applications in gynaecology confidence in performance result oriented performance Spectrum is a state-of-the-art electrosurgical system that automatically adapts to the user's needs. Simply connect the instrument and start working. The SmartDevice System detects and identifies the connected instrument. It automatically adjusts the operating mode and output settings to the instrument, thus improving the operator's working comfort. ThermoStapler® in different hysterectomy procedures ThermoStapler® is specifically recommended for hysterectomy operations: vaginal, laparoscopic and abdominal. It allows for effective closure of uterine blood vessels and arteries, as well as the ligaments supporting the uterus. Thanks to the ThermoStapler® technology there is no need to use time-consuming sutures. It effectively reduces the duration of the ThermoStapler® can be successfully applied in other surgical procedures, like LAVH and ovary or fallopian tube resection. Abdominal hysterectomy Vaginal hysterectomy STANDARD ARGON in endometriosis treatments Laparoscopic hysterectomy Argon plasma coagulation ensures fast and efficient coagulation of large surfaces. It provides effectual devitalisation of endometrial lesions. The main advantage of argon coagulation is constant, minimum depth of the thermal effect which minimizes the risk of perforation. Due to the limited depth of tissue damage during argon plasma coagulation the recovery time is also reduced. Argon coagulation of endometriosis

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SpectrumLine accessories 932-14S Argon electrode handle, large, 2 switches, cable 3.5m, SDS/LuerLock plug 100-013 Electrosurgical Unit spectrum 932-032 Argon electrode, rigid, insulated shaft, 100mm w. length, dia. 5mm 932-034 Argon electrode, rigid, insulated shaft, 350mm w. length, dia. 5mm 801-23S ThermoStapler® - bipolar vessel sealing clamps, angled, L: 23cm, smooth, 3m cable, SDS plug 801-73S ThermoStapler® - bipolar vessel sealing clamps, straight, L: 23cm, smooth, 3m cable, SDS plug 080-100 SpectrumLine trolley for EMED ESU, with case for argon cylinders (2x 5L/10L), basket 824-13S...

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