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ThermoStapler in vaginal hysterectomy


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Thermostapler' in vaginal hysterectomy The use of ThermoStapler®- bipolar vessel sealing system Malinowski AndrzEj, Pawlowska Nela, Wojciechowski Michat Department of Surgical and Endoscopic Gynaecology Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital-Research Institute. Lodz, Poland The cathedral of Obstetric and Surgycal Gynaecology, Medical University of Lódz Gine ko logia Polska, ÎQ08 (1?) P- 850 ■ 855 Objectives: The following study has beer co iductecl ~.o eva UÎCO the efficacy of ji I led "neoh'.i 'vessel sealing system (ThermoStapler*. an alternative to sutures, in order to achieve...

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Thïrmostapter m vaginal hysterectomy 2 ? surgical excision of the uterus, is one of the most frequently gynaecological surgery procedures, [l, 2. 3 J In the united States, t hete are approximately 600,000 procedures performed every year, «hère a s i n the United Kingdom, this procedute accounts for over 70,000 surgeries a year. It is estimated that every third (USAI and every filth (UK) woman will undergo hysterectomy before turning sixty years old. [2. 3. 4. 51 Hysletectomy may be performed by incision of the abdominal wall (abdominal hysterectomy - AHI. through vaginal access (vaginal...

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Thermostaplïr' in vaginal hysterectomy The loop feedback current generator measures both the voltage and amperage of the current delivered to the tissue, ard ovaLiatcs :l\'i',eei nat occur in (he This allows an accurate estimation of the required energy and automatic termination ot the coagulation process. The advantage of such a solution i^ 'hp achievement of maxi mum ha em ostasi s with min imal tissue adherence, burn and around the site of thermal denaturation. (3,8.9,10,11.12,13] Numerous reports concerning the advantages of loop feed back-bas ed bi* r.Mgi.hMior ;\',...

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ThermoStapler' in vaginal hysterectomy 4 The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of vaginal hysterectomies performed using the bipolar vessel sealing system (ThermoStapler®), as compared with traditional methods of achieving haemostasis using surgical In a retrospective study conducted in 2007 at the Department of Surgical and Endoscopic Gynaecology of the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital Research institute in tódz, we have performed a comparison of 60 consecutive vaginal hysterectomies performed using the bipolar vessel sealing system ThermoStapler® with 60 consecutive cases of...

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5 ThermoStapler" in vaginal hysterectomy of postoperative analgesic medication use, duration of hospitalisation and intra- The statistical analysis of the results obtained was performed using the StatSoft software Statistica 71, assuming astatistical significance level at p < 0.050. coagulation of uterine vessels using ThermoStapler * forceps coagulation and section of adnexa coagulation and section of adnexa Surgical data are presented in Table II. The average surgery duration was not statistically significant different between both study groups and lasted 40 and 37 minutes, respectively,...

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Therm o stapler' in vaginal hysterectomy 6 control is more and more widely used in worldwide gynaecology due to the ability to effectively seal vessels of a diameter of up to 7 mm [8.9,10,11]. There are presently a few brands of bipolar vessel sealing systems tbat use this technology, tbat is: EBVS LigaSure», Biclamp», PI asm aKi net ics*. Encouraged by numerous reports of advantages offered by this technology, we bave resolved te assess the safety and efficacy of the ThermoStapler* system in vaginal In our study, patients undergoing vaginal hysterectomy using classical methods and with the...

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