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Research Grade EEG Amplifier Sienna Always a Simple Integrated Solution – fully compatible with our world leading Sienna Ultimate for when a Research Grade High Performance EEG Amplifier is needed. The Sienna Family covers the full Spectrum of Clinical EEG Applications from Routine EEG workstation to long-term multi channel recordings with digital video and networking. All Sienna products share a modular design providing the user with the flexibility to configure each individual system. Sienna product features • • • • • • • • • Trolley, roll stand, desktop and portable solutions 40-160 channel USB amplifiers Innovative impedance check on the amplifier Up to 8 kHz sampling rate/channel 15 switchable bipolar inputs 8 bit trigger input for ERP applications High density connector for extended headbox LED photic stimulator High definition Video H.264 including multiple camera options • Software controlled pan/tilt/zoom All products in the Sienna family operate on MS Windows, so data output formats are completely identical. This approach creates one complete, efficient database making your interaction with the Sienna family of products an easy task. Software options • Record and Review software Full HD Digital Video Compressed Spectral Array Compressed Density Array Amplitude Mapping Sound Playback

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Efficient and flexible data management A single operating system philosophy allows the creation of a central patient database. Consequently patient data from different recording devices can be stored in single patient file resulting in easy access, data retrieval, reviewing and reporting. Workflow Improvement In a multiple EEG station environment, the Sienna design philosophy allows users to move easily between different stations without the need for additional training on separate platforms. Moreover, the standard Sienna software contains the integrated “Workflow Manager” that makes it...

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