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40 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER Upgradable up to 160 channels Sienna EEG/EMG/ERP ERP / EP acquisition from 40 to 160 channels The EMS Sienna System is a multichannel EEG / Online and offline averaging EMG / ERP acquisition and analysis system for Up to 8000 Hz sampling rate per channel clinical and research use. The amplifier is designed to record signals from 0.1 to 3000 Hz. Offline filtering individual for each waveform With the Sienna System you can acquire online EEG simultaneously with Evoked Potentials and Multiple export function EMG in split screen form. Each channel can be modified for unipolar or bipolar recording. Up to Automatic and manual Artefact rejection with 256 different trigger events can be shown online  tests. On one screen you can show the raw data, FFT analysis and Mapping. Besa Scientific analysis EMS Handelsgesellschaft mbH Jochingergasse 1, 2100 Korneubur Austria +43 2262 616 55-0 The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Baseline correction for the whole length or user defined window Full bipolar or unipolar recording and offline in different colours for P300 or CNV

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