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Sienna Ultimate Brain monitoring for neonates to adults The Sienna Ultimate ICU Monitor supports the early detection of reversible neurological deterioration of patients with brain injuries and critically ill patients. Flexible and reliable hardware and software configurations Proven EMS technology using the world leading Sienna Ultimate Amplifier solution Interchangable headboxes for different applications Full range of wireless and wired amplifiers from 32 to 192 channels Ultra lightweight amplifiers Easy to set up and use in ICU applications Assists in diagnosis of patient´s cerebral function bedside and remotely Ergonomic design mounted on a roll stand to minimize space constraints in the busy ICU environment. Helps to improve patient outcomes for Stroke, Neurosurgery, Hypothermia treatment, Trauma, Cardiac arrest, TBI, Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, etc. Fully integrated HD video Seizure detection The EMS Amplifier signal quality in world Brain Symmetry Index Trend leading technology assists in neurology DSA Trend monitoring and the use of continuous EEG Pulse rate Trend provides clinicians with information for accurate SpO2 Trend and quick intervention

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Sienna Ultimate Sienna Ultimate ICU MONITOR Designed for ICU Provides maximum flexibility and efficiency in Brain monitoring for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients Neonatal to Adult Maximum flexibility for bedside use Reliable continuous EEG Trending Remote controlled Superior and proven signal quality Monitoring of EEG brain activity and other physiological parameters Single display with synchronized audio and video Patients with brain injuries require close neurologic monitoring over days and weeks and fast reviewing of data gives clinicians the ability to early intervention and...

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