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Workflow improvement In a multiple station environment, the Sienna range design philosophy allows users to move easily between different stations without the need for additional training on separate platforms. The EMS Polysomnography (PSG), hybrid LTM and Ambulatory EEG Amplifier Expertise in Medical Solutions With more than 30 years experience in electrophysiology, EMS continues to provide innovative technologies across a range of solutions for diagnostic examinations. Our products are designed and developed to satisfy the most demanding customer needs and guarantee reliability, quality and flexibility in performance. In addition to our neurodiagnostic units for EMG/EP/IOM, EEG, ERP, Poly EMG and PSG we offer Electrical Impedance Segmentography units as well as a full range of accessories and supplies. Choose EMS products and use our professional worldwide sales, service and support network. Our international team of trained application specialists in more than 120 countries can provide you with individual user training and post-sales support. EMS Handelsgesellschaft mbH Jochingergasse 1, 2100 Korneuburg Austria +43 2262 616 55-0 The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. User definable report templates ULTIMATE SLEEP

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The latest hybrid LTM, Ambulatory EEG and PSG Amplifier from EMS Sienna ULTIMATE Wide range of headboxes ULTIMATE SLEEP SLEEP The Sienna Ultimate amplifier can be used for different applications simply by replacing the Amplifier headbox from the complete range of interchangeable Sienna Ultimate headboxes. SLEEP Headbox THE SIENNA ULTIMATE PSG RECORDER FROM EMS WAS DEVELOPED USING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY. THE HYBRID LTM AND AMBULATORY AMPLIFIER HAS 32/64 UNIPOLAR OR BIPOLAR CHANNELS, INTEGRATED LITHIUM-ION BATTERY, 32 GBYTE MEMORY CARD, SAO2 AND WI-FI INTERFACE. The unique Intercom feature...

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