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Surpass LT EMG/NCS/EP - 1

Routine EMG/NCS/EP System Surpass LT Technical specifications Clinical Meets all routine clinical needs in a ‘one box’ Amplifier/Headbox solution with just one USB cable Amplifier/Headbox to PC for power and data transmission. Excellent performance, with superb Amplifier SIGNAL QUALITY The use of the latest and most advanced innovative technology ensures best in class reliability, performance and VALUE. Surpass LT Features include: • Portable, Desktop and Cart based system solutions NCS/EMG only, NCS/EMG/EP and AEP versions Touch panel control available 2 or 4 channel amplifiers 1 channel electrical stimulator EP stimulators built into headbox 4 bipolar electrode inputs (DIN and 1.5mm TP sockets) Quality sorted averaging method resulting in the shortest examination time Customizable reports using MS Word® Internal amplifier switching option Flexible and easily upgradable Suitable for all routine clinical diagnostics Wide ra

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Surpass LT EMG/NCS/EP - 2

An important diagnostic tool, designed to provide the highest test quality and the flexibility to satisfy the most demanding clinical Neurophysiology requirements. Surpass LT systems integrate the latest hardware Amplifier technology with industry leading software programming and set the highest standards in NCS, EMG and Evoked Potential studies. We are proud of our reputation as leaders within our area of expertise: World Leaders in ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY. Our extensive range of clinical tests for Surpass LT allow for maximum functionality and efficiency following over 30 years of clinical...

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Surpass LT EMG/NCS/EP - 3

Reports are easily generated, user definable and flexible. Simply customize your report by using the pre-programmed templates. Surpass LT portable solution Wide range of software applications include: Spontaneous EMG, Quantitative EMG AMUP Analysis, Interference Pattern Analysis, Single Fiber EMG, Free Run Transfer your examination results, patient information and EMG, Turns/Amplitude EMG, SEP, VEP, SEP, BAER, ECOG, Multi Channel EMG in GPP program, HRV and more. selected traces to the MS Word report automatically. Save as word or PDF or transfer to HIS (via HL7) as per See Technical...

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