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Providing an Affordable & Environmentally Friendly On-Site Medical Waste Treatment Solution

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Envomed has created an innovative on-site Medical Waste treatment solution, which is developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd., a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery. Understanding the market’s need, we underwent an intensive R&D to produce a revolutionary solution for medical waste treatment from an economic, safety and environmental perspective. What is Medical Waste?Approx 80% General Waste Approx 20% Hazardous, Infectious & Toxic Medical waste is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as all forms of...

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A revolutionary in-house solution that shreds and sterilizes medical waste, eliminating the need for storage, transportation and incineration. The final product is a liquid phase that can be sent down the regular drainage system and a lower volume shredded waste, that can go to the regular municipality waste. Input Hazardous Shredding Waste Mixing & Sterilization Seperation & Output A Powerful Four Shaft Erosion Free Shredder Efficiency Durability Low wear & tear

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Biocetic - How does it work? As part of our solution, once the waste has been shredded, it goes through a sterilization process while being rigorously agitated. This process has been intensively studied and with years of research and development we have established the ultimate solution, eliminating resistant bacterial spores and sterilizes to STAATT level IV. The residue liquid is nontoxic and can be safely discharge down the regular drainage system. We call it 'Biocetic' - which is based on the known powerful sporocide Peracetic Acid (PAA). Biocidal Effect of PAA in 40oC Temperature of...

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In just under 15 minutes, the Envomed 80 sterilizes to STAATT level IV, reducing waste volume by up to 80%. Envomed 80 - demonstrating the automatic use of Biocetic in the machine for sterilization of Medical Waste. No. of Envomed 80 Machines Waste Volume Treated Estimated No. of beds * 1 shift per day may vary according to Medical Waste Mix Send to the regular municipality waste Shredding with 80% volume reduction

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STAATT Recommendations & Good Treatment Practice Sterilization is internationally accepted to be defined as "the probability of a single viable microorganism occurring on and/or in a system after sterilization"*. When analyzing the elimination of microorganisms from a system, it is acceptable to examine efficacy in terms of log reduction achieved by the process. * Source: Sean Moran. Sterilization and disinfection. In: Engineering science of water treatment unit operations, 2018. STAATT IV Inactivation of vegetative bacteria, fungi and lipophilic or hydrophilic virus, parasites and...

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Unit dimensions Ambient operation conditions Temperature Humidity Solid/Liquid separator dimensions Dimensions Weight Dimensions Weight * Manual unit option Raw waste compartment dimensions Dimensions Waste capacity per cycle Connection requirements (power) Voltage (imbedded water heater) 380-400 Vac + N + G, 50 (60) Hz, 32 (A) Voltage (External water heater) 380-400 Vac + N + G, 50 (60) Hz, 16 (A) Connection requirements (water & drain) Water connection % BSP Water Input temp range 10 to 40 °C Water Input temp (external heater option) 43 °C Mean water flow rate >6 l/min * Drinking water...

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Bazelet St. 12, Tzur Ygal, 4486200, Israel envomed.com

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