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The Equivital™ TnR Product Range Mobile human monitoring

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 2

The EquivitalTM - TnR Product Range EquivitalTM TnR Products combine world class human performance monitoring capability with robust clinical grade data quality. TnR Products fall into three categories: Sense & Transmit View & Analyse Accessories SENSE & TRANSMIT VIEW & ANALYSE First Responder Thermoregulatory Research Performance Monitoring Research During Sleep Heat Stress Monitoring Algorithm Development Wellbeing Monitoring Designed for use by real people in real environments, the products keep usability and exibility at the fore, meeting broad end-user monitoring requirements....

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 3

SENSE & TRANSMIT: EquivitalTM EQ02 LifeMonitor The EquivitalTM LifeMonitor is a multi-parameter body worn sensor for logging and transmitting, in real time, mobile human performance data. EQ02 Sensor Belt Product code: EQ-02-B1-1-S(SIZE), EQ-02-B2-1-S(SIZE)* The EQ02 Sensor belt features a system of sensors and electrodes embedded in novel textiles. It connects with the Sensor Electronics Module (SEM) to provide mobile monitoring capability. Designed to be comfortable when worn for extended periods, the EQ02 Sensor belt enables high quality measurement of physiology even when the wearer is...

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 4

VIEW & ANALYSE: Software Data can be viewed in real time or retrospectively using EquivitalTM viewing and analysis software tools. The TnR Software range includes Equivital manager, a data management and conguration tool, and the eqView Software suite for web, local and mobile access to subject data. Product Code: EQ-SW-12 A PC application used for conguration of SEM’s and EquivitalTM data management. Reference: Software Item 5.1 Product Code: EQ-SW-EQV-P-1 A local or networked PC application used for monitoring subjects, viewing live data, trends and replaying logged data. Reference:...

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 5

VIEW & ANALYSE: Software Product Code: EQ-SW-VS-01 VivoSenseR for EquivitalR is an intuitive, fully customisable visualisation and discovery tool that enhances post-processing of data. Includes: VivoSenseR for EquivitalTM (import module) Reference: Software Item 6.1 Product Code: EQ-SW-VS-HRV-01 Advanced VivoSenseR module provides support for users wanting to carry out HRV analysis Reference: Software Item 6.2 EquivitalTM - Software Developers Kits Software Developers Kit Product Code: EQ-SDK-URIN-0 & EQ-SDK-URIJ-01 Equivital has a range of simple to use SDKs to suit applications across...

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 6

VIEW & ANALYSE: System congurations Systems architecture for live monitoring EQ02 Starter Kit system conguration for retrospective data analysis (Code EQ02-KIT-SU-2) + PC operating eqView Manager software for live data, data export and conguration Equivital Core Pill Live Data EQ02 Starter Kit (Multi User) system conguration for live data (Code EQ02-KIT-MU-2) Systems architecture for live monitoring eqView Pro conguration for up to 6 Subjects with a direct Class 1 Bluetooth connection (in Partial Disclosure mode) PC operating eqView Pro software and Equivital Dongle Equivital Live Data...

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 7

ACCESSORIES: EquivitalTM - LifeMonitor Accessories VitalSense® Core Temperature Capsule EQ Core Temperature Capsule & Dermal Patch Activator Ingestible core temperature capsule measures core body temperature and transmits readings to the SEM in real time. Simply activates the core temperature capsule and the dermal temperature patch. (Requires the use of a radio receiver or SEM to conrm capsule or patch activation). VitalSense® Dermal Patch Nonin Xpod® Self adhesive dermal temperature patch measures skin temperature and transmits data to the SEM in real time. Product Code: EQ-ACC-042* Low...

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The EquivitalTM TnR Product Range - 8

Black Ghost Military training system gives users the ultimate bird's eye view of the military training ground. The system incorporates heightened situational awareness with real-time safety and performance information of all troops within the training ground. For further information please contact the Equivital team. Further information If you require any further information about Hidalgo or Equivital™ please contact us at the address below: Hidalgo Limited Unit F, Trinity Court, Buckingway Business Park United Kingdom Copyright © Hidalgo Limited. All rights reserved. All other company and...

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