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ERBECRYO® 2 For biopsies, recanalization and devitalization in bronchoscopy

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ERBECRYO® 2 Progress in diagnostics and interventions in bronchoscopy Cryosurgical technology has proven its worth in medical science – and is now more relevant than ever. Especially in the area of bronchoscopy cryobiopsy and cryorecanalization are often superior to all other diagnostic and interventional therapies. With cryorecanalization, exophytic stenoses, foreign bodies and blood clots are immediately removed, and the patient can breathe again freely as soon as the procedure is over. The latest requirements and findings in the area of pulmonology have been incorporated in ERBECRYO 2,...

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Connector for single-hand operation 01 ERBECRYO 2 is also available as a standalone unit instrument (length, item number, etc.) 03 Timer: shows the duration of activation ☑ C onvenient operation with plug and play: ERBECRYO 2 automatically sets the appropriate parameters for every probe ☑ more convenience: all important settings E ven appear on the display: - Effect levels - Timer function ☑ A ctivation using the footswitch ☑ R eproducible freeze performance from the first time the probe is used through to the last 06 Clearly laid out display supports intuitive oper

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Cryobiopsy with high diagnostic weighting In comparison with a forceps biopsy, biopsy samples taken using cryosurgical techniques are considerably larger and do not contain artifacts. Cryorecanalization The stenosis tissue is frozen and extracted using cryosurgical techniques. The target tissue freezes on the cryoprobe and an endobronchial or transbronchial biopsy of the tissue can follow. The process of endobronchial freezing can be monitored visually as the tissue turns a white color. Using cryoadhesion, exophytic stenoses in the tracheobronchial tract can be recanalized immediately under...

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Cryoprobes for every application The cryoprobes are extremely kink-resistant with considerable tensile strength. When used correctly, they can be reused and reconditioned up to 100 times. The new connector plug means that the instrument is recognized and the corresponding parameters are configured in ERBECRYO 2. Plug and play. It couldn‘t be easier. Easy access to target tissue The flexible cryoprobe can access almost any target area in the central and peripheral lung regions. It can be applied to tissue from the front, or using a tangential approach – where forceps have no chance. Access...

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Overview: Cryoprobes The flexible cryoprobes are available in various designs and can be used to perform biopsies, recanalization and devitalization. Pulmonary application area Item number Central area Biopsy sample size Pneumo cryoprobe flexible, Ø 2.4 mm, length 900 mm 20402-032 Pneumo cryoprobe flexible, Ø 1.9 mm, length 900 mm 20402-037 Pneumo cryoprobe flexible, Ø 1.9 mm, length

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Technical data ERBECRYO 2 Cart for ERBECRYO 2 Single-pedal footswitch for ERBECRYO 2 Wire basket Gas hose, flexible (length 0.7 m) Gas hose, flexible (length 1 m) Effect setting Indication-specific parameter setting Number of effect levels Number of program memory locations Input pressure Rated supply voltage Rated supply frequency Line current Grounding terminal Power fuse Device-specific data Power connection Dimensions and weight of the unit Width x height x depth Ambient conditions for transport and storage of the unit Temperature Relative humidity Ambient conditions for operating the...

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sj^*^ Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH Phone +49 7071 755-0 ^fcict^ Germany

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