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Welcome to ERGO-FIT – specialist in medical fitness training in Germany. Thank you for your interest in our company and our products. Have a look at this catalog and see what distinguishes ERGO-FIT. Besides our experience, our innovative capacity and our values, it is the quality of our products that makes a difference. This commitment to quality has been our main driving force in the past and it will be in the future. On this you can always rely. Michael Resch (Managing Director) ERGO-FIT – Qualität Made in Germany Made in Germany, that's what we stand for: And that's what our customers...

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ERGO-FIT OVER 70 YEARS OF ERGO-FIT WITH PRODUCTION IN GERMANY “At ERGO-FIT we are no philosophers. We are practical-minded, clever craftsmen, technicians, scientists and economists working together for a common goal.” Michael Resch (Managing Director ERGO-FIT) Step by step, the apprentices learn how to handle the materials in the ERGO-FIT training workshop From the raw material to the ready-to-use machine “100 % made in Germany” that is our philosophy at ERGO-FIT Because the traditional family business set itself a clear goal already at its foundation stage: to create new standards in the...

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ERGO-FIT FROM INNOVATION TO STANDARD SPECIALIST IN MEDICAL FITNESS TRAINING Innovation for the workout control: Thanks to the new ERGO-FIT chip card system he workout can now be controlled across multiple devices. ERGO-FIT becomes a full-range supplier: The POWER LINE series gets its own strength workout line. New product offering: ERGO-FIT introduces its new workout and documentation software Vitality System 5.0. It can be used with ERGO-FIT devices as well as with products of other manufacturers. New versatile strength workout equipment: The new POWER LINE 4000 offers minimal footprint...

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REFERENCES SUCCESSFULLY POSITIONED: PHYSIOMEDICO, HANOVER Physiomedico has made a name for themselves as a specialist in surgical, orthopedic and sports rehabilitation in Hanover. The center offers over 500 sqm of space and the state-of-the-art equipment for preventive, acute and advanced rehabilitation measures. Gü And it's not just the fleet of chip card-controlled cardio and weight machines that demonstrates that the center is always up-to-date. The highly motivated team of 8 physiotherapists, sports therapists and receptionists consistently maintain the highest quality standard through...

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REFERENCESWORKOUT-BASED MEDICAL THERAPY: BGU MURNAUMODERN FACILITIES: PRACTICE FOR PHYSIOTHERAPY, ESENS Since the summer of 2009, Vitality System 6.1 from ERGO-FIT has been used in this center. The chip-card controlled cardio and strength workout machines securely guide the user through the workout-based medical therapy while the workout data is stored to be documented in the future. In addition to user-friendly operation of the equipment, the chip-card controlled workout system provides optimum care for the patients in everyday training. The emergency hospital Berufsgenossenschaftliche...

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CARDIO LINE 4000 ERGO-FIT CARDIO LINE 4000 – INNOVATION AND TRADITION 40 years of experience for next generation cardio equipment In 1973, ERGO-FIT presented the first exercise bike for health training. Just a few years later, the company with its headquarters in Pirmasens (Germany) set new standards that still apply today: they presented the world's first exercise bike with built-in eddy current brake. Since that time ERGO-FIT has worked hard to continuously improve its cardio equipment. The objective: To provide both trainers and exercisers with a healthy and effective fitness equipment....

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■ CARDIO LINE 4000 CIRCLE ERGO-FIT CIRCLE - UPPER BODY ERGOMETER The ERGO-FIT CIRCLE provides a comprehensive upper body workout while strengthening the cardio-vascular system. Exercises can be performed in forward or backward movement. This prevents an imbalanced workout of the muscles. The CIRCLE can be used in seated position as well as in standing position or while sitting on a stability ball. For alternative workout positions the seat just has to be folded forward. That way the machine does not have to be substantially modified. Thanks to this setting, the upper body ergometer can be...

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ICARDIO LINE 4000 CROSS CROSS - ELLIPTICAL TRAINER Elliptical trainers truly are some of the best pieces of cardio equipment you can buy! Similar to jogging, they enable efficient training of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to soft, elliptical pedaling movements, however, the strain on the joints is significantly reduced. No impacts are absorbed, because the foot stays in contact with the machine throughout the whole movement. The elliptical movement of the CROSS 4000 is very steep and short. This workout helps to gently improve the basic cardio fitness. “I used to go jogging. But it was...

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ICARDIO LINE 4000 CROSS 4007 CROSS 4007 - ELLIPTICAL TRAINER Running regularly is the best way to actively improve cardio-vascular fitness. But the impact stress on the joints often leads to significant problems. This is especially the case for people with higher body weight. Here the elliptical trainer is a good option. The ERGO-FIT CROSS 4007 elliptical trainer provides a gentle cardio workout. The CROSS 4007 uses a front fly-wheel which results in a long and flat angled elliptical movement. The CROSS 4007 features spacious foot platforms with straps for easy mounting and a safe and...

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ICARDIO LINE 4000 CYCLE CYCLE - EXERCISE BIKE The exercise bike is the forefather of all recent ERGO-FIT cardio devices. And the new CYCLE is the result of four decades research, development and craftsmanship. As is the ERGO-FIT innovation that became international standard - the Eddy Current Brake. But it's the smart details that make the CYCLE the perfect device for use in the health sector: The step-through design makes it easier for persons with knee or hip problems to get on the machine. A low initial workout level of 15 watts allows for a low impact workout. That means that...

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