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Welcome to cardiowise Your expert for cardiological rehabilitation We are pleased about your interest in our business and products. For more than four decades ERGO-FIT is known as an allround supplier in the fitness and therapy field. We bring all our experience, innovative capacity and values to our products, but the main characteristic feature we attach great importance to is quality. Now, we have bundled this know-how in the cardiowise GmbH – a further milestone in the company history. Thereby, we convince through innovative products and concepts in the field of ergometry, cardiological...

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65 YEARS OF ERGO-FIT – 65 YEARS OF MANUFACTURING IN GERMANY “At ERGO-FIT we are no philosophers. We are practical, clever craftsmen, technicians, scientists and economists that work together to reach a common goal.” Michael Resch, Managing Director ERGO-FIT Investing in the future: the ERGO-FIT training workshop “100 % made in Germany”: that is our philosophy at ERGO-FIT. From the beginning, the years old, established family business had one clear objective: to set new standards. That’s the right way to do this was through uncompromising quality. To guarantee this, all ERGO-FIT cardio and...

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ERGO-FIT THE ERGO-FIT STORY 1947 New product offering: ERGO-FIT introduces its new workout and documentation software, Vitality System 5.0. It can be used with ERGO-FIT devices as well as with products from other manufacturers. New versatile strength workout equipment: The new POWER LINE 4000 offers minimal footprint and the best value for the money. ERGO-FIT launches CARDIO LINE 400, a new product line for therapeutic and home use A back circuit workout system is introduced: ERGO-FIT and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Schmidtbleicher develop the TORSO LINE for an effective workout of the trunk...

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XRCISE LINE MED CARDIOWISE XRCISE LINE MED 40 years of experience for the next generation of cardio equipment FEATURES OF XRCISE LINE MED Integrated meassurement of blood pressure and oxygen saturation In 1973, ERGO-FIT presented the first exercise bike for health training. Just a few years later, the company with its headquarters in Pirmasens (Germany) set new standards with the first exercise bike using Eddy Current Brakes. Today, this solution is used throughout the industry. Since that time, ERGO-FIT has worked hard to continuously improve its cardio equipment. It is a proven fact:...

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XRCISE LINE MED CIRCLE cardiowise BY ERGO-FIT The upper body ergometer provides an efficient upper body and cardio workout XRCISE CIRCLE MED - UPPER BODY ERGOMETER The XRCISE CIRCLE MED provides a comprehensive upper body workout while strengthening the cardio-vas-cular system. Exercises can be performed with forward or backward movement. This prevents an imbalanced workout of the muscles. The XRCISE CIRCLE MED can be used in the seated position as well as in the standing position, or while sitting on a stability ball. For alternative workout positions, the seat is just folded forward. The...

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XRCISE LINE MED CROSS cardiowise BY ERGO-FIT XRCISE CROSS MED - ELLIPTICAL TRAINER Running regularly is the best way to actively improve cardio-vascular fitness. However, the stress of impact on the joints often leads to significant problems. This is especially the case for people with a higher body weight. Here, the elliptical trainer is a good option. The elliptical trainer XRCISE CROSS MED from cardiowise provides a gentle cardio workout. The XRCISE CROSS MED uses a front fly-wheel which results in a long, flat, and angled elliptical movement. The XRCISE CROSS MED features spacious...

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XRCISE LINE MED CYCLE cardiowise BY ERGO-FIT XRCISE CYCLE MED - EXERCISE BIKE The new XRCISE CYCLE MED is the result of four decades of research, development, and craftsmanship, as was the the ERGO-FIT innovation that became the international standard - the Eddy Current Brake. It's the smart details that make the XRCISE CYCLE MED the perfect device for use in the health sector: The step-through design makes it easier for persons with knee or hip problems to get on the device. A low initial training level of 15 watts allows for a low impact workout. That means that even beginners can perform...

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XRCISE LINE MED MIX cardiowise BY ERGO-FIT XRCISE MIX MED - ELLIPTICAL TRAINER The innovative elliptical trainer enables a workout in a semi-reclined position which is especially gentle to the joints and vertebrae. The unique workout position reduces the pressure on the intervertebral lumbar disks by up to 61%. You will see measurable workout results even at a low workload and heart rate. Thus, the XRCISE MIX MED provides a very gentle training solution. This device is suited for patients with constraints that make it necessary to start a health-oriented fitness workout very slowly. The...

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XRCISE LINE MED STAIR cardiowise BY ERGO-FIT XRCISE STAIR MED - STEPPER Many studies have shown that climbing stairs is a healthy way of improving your fitness level. However, not many people practice this effective, low-cost fitness approach. The stepper XRCISE STAIR MED from cardiowise is popular classic. It provides an intensive low-impact workout for people of all ages, helping to sustainably improve cardio vascular fitness. Regular fitness training tones thighs, calves and glutes. Large, continuous safety grips provide stable positioning and support. "The Stair is a compact workout...

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XRCISE LINE MED RUNNER cardiowise BY ERGO-FIT XRCISE RUNNER MED - TRADEMILL As with all other cardio devices from cardiowise it is the details that make our treadmills the perfect workout equipment: with a very low entry (19 cm), they are ideally suited for patients with knee problems, and thanks to the low initial speed of 0.2 km/h, they can be used for therapeutic purposes. The continuous handrails provide the utmost safety. The proven deck and belt system absorbs the high impacts and reduces the stress on the affected joints. The result? A comfortable running experience and a lowimpact...

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