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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 2

We are devoted to helping caregivers thrive. For more than 35 years, Ergotron has eliminated constraints in healthcare by offering dynamic, ergonomic solutions that move caregivers. Highly customizable, our designs fit more people, workflows and environments.

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 3

Modern designs, uninhibited mobility and personalized features enable caregiver well-being, memorable patient experiences and life-changing care.

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 4

Innovative design for every shift Expansive height-adjustment range Fully-enclosed technology and cabling Built-in hot swap battery capability Multiple accessories fit your work

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 5

Intuitive dashboard fits your workflow

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 6

Versatile access and storage Customizable drawer configurations for seamless care

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 7

Your documentation companion CareFit Slim Laptop Small footprint Lightweight Expansive height-adjustment range Customizable options for power, scanner, printer, wipes and more

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 8

Unprecedented mobility Move effortlessly with all-new caster design CareFit Slim

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 9

CareFit Slim Lean and customizable design inspired by caregiver insights

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 10

LiFeKinnex Power System Say goodbye to power anxiety

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 11

A charging workflow you can count on LiFeKinnex 4-Bay Charger (Desktop) Keep tabs on battery life with the light bar indicator LiFeKinnex 4-Bay Charger (Wall-mounted)

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 12

Cloud-based fleet management Secure, web-based software Seamless management Helps increase cart uptime Real-time insight into usage patterns, drawer access, battery charge/life and more Software operates separately from patient records Fast implementation eKinnex Cloud-Based Software

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 13

Low-profile design enhances healing spaces CareFit Low Profile Wall Enclosur

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 14

Support meaningful patient interactions Monitor moves up to 180° to easily share information with patients or colleagues Work sitting or standing with everything caregivers need at their fingertips SV Combo Arm with Worksurface & Pan

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 15

We don’t just stand behind our products— we stand behind you Available services: Installation and integration Next business day on-site service Preventive maintenance Extended warranties In-warranty and post-warranty repairs In-depth on-site product training Equipment audit and health chec

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 16

Using human-centered design principles and the technology of movement, we build environments that help people thrive.

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Ergotron's Healthcare Catalog - 17

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