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Thermal Imaging Cart

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Thermal Imaging Cart REIMAGINE CARE Thermal imaging technology serves an important role in many industries. First used for night vision, it’s now used across a variety of applications. With its ability to detect extremely small temperature differences compared to a set baseline, thermal imaging is a crucial tool for evaluating human body temperature— especially in times of quarantine or a global health crisis. Detecting temperatures in people in high traffic areas is important to controlling the further spread of infection

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Thermal imaging benefits more than healthcare organizations. Workplaces, public buildings, transportation areas, sports buildings and other environments where groups of people come together can use thermal imaging technology to help maintain healthy communities. Ergotron’s thermal imaging medical carts bring this technology to the point-of-care in any situation where quick temperature detection is needed. You can mount your preferred thermal imaging camera— facing forward or backward—or other telehealth equipment to bring temperature measurement wherever it’s needed. Combining IT equipment...

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Public transportation areas Public buildings

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Thoughtful solutions for efficient workflows Our flexible carts are available with onboard LiFe battery power or our hot-swap LiFeKinnex™ battery technology to ensure your workflow is uninterrupted. We also offer a range of brackets and accessories for mounting thermal imaging cameras or other telehealth equipment. LiFeKinnex Smart Battery Dock 1. Choose from multiple bracket options to attach your thermal imaging camera; mounts forward or backward to address privacy concerns 2. onvenient sani-wipe C holder supports regular disinfection 3. nboard or hotO swap battery enables uninterrupted...

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