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Anatomical Models - 2

Anatomical Models SKELETON OVERVIEW Skeletons since Casts of real human skeletons in highest quality and attention to detail. All bones are individually crafted and carefully assembled. Easy to assemble. All individual parts are pre-assembled. rigid spine flexible spine muscle marking Joint ligaments at shoulder, elbow, hip & knee Herniated Disc Spinal Nerves detachable arms detachable legs detachable feet sliding joints shoulder sliding joints hip leg separates at knee movable scapula Roller stand Size incl. Stand (cm) weight appr. (kg) 12 Detailed article information at:...

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Anatomical Models - 3

All Erler-Zimmer skeletons are castings of natural skeletons of highest quality and authenticity. The models in resistant synthetic material show all the anatomical details, structures, fissures, foramina and processes. All bones are manufactured individually and have been carefully assembled. Hands and feet are mounted flexibly on wire. Arms, legs and the skull can be removed easily and partially All disassembled. The 5-leg castor-mounted stand provides the human model with a consistently good support and allows Skeleton models: simple transport from one room to another. Height: 1,78 m...

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Anatomical Models - 4

Human Skeleton Model Anatomical Models ERLER-ZIMMER THERAPY SKELETONS In order to do justice to the increasing requirements of therapeutic training, the EZ-therapy skeletons offer a fully mobile vertebral column. Mounted on a highly robust and simultaneously optimally flexible metal spiral hose, this vertebral column can be simply set in any position. In addition to normal postures, malpositions and malpostures can be demonstrated very impressively. Owing to the special flexible intervertebral discs, the vertebral column can not only be flexed but also rotated itself. These intervertebral...

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Anatomical Models - 5

Flexible articular ligaments in the knee, hip, elbow and shoulder allow demonstration of movements and explanation of function. The most important ligaments in each case are represented. Human Skeleton Model with articular ligaments. Anatomical skeleton model with representation of the articular ligaments of elbow, shoulder, hip and knee. All bony details and structures are shown in detail. 3004 Details: Accessories for skeleton models: Human Skeleton Model Anatomical Models ARTICULAR LIGAMENTS Foot, mounted on rubber with muscle markings and ligaments. Anatomical Skeleton Model...

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Anatomical Models - 6

MINIATURE – SKELETONS Anatomical Models CHILDREN'S SKELETONS Fetal Skeleton, 30th week An excellent detailed human fetal skeleton. The average body length measurements suggest an age of 8.5 to 9 months, but developmental osteologic features are most suggestive of 7 to 7.5 months. 2850 Details: Child Skeleton, 14 to 16-month-old The 14 to 16-month-old child skeleton demonstrates the unfused epiphyses of the long bones, and the cartilaginous margins of many of the bones at this age of development. Erler-Zimmer MiniatureSkeletons are complex reproductions of our life-size skeleton...

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Anatomical Models - 7

Pelvis with sacrum f/m Pelvis of a female adult. with muscle marking. This miniature model is marked carefully with the muscle origins and insertions. Due to this the model offers the same information as the life size model. with movable spine and muscle marking. Fred comes with a fully movable spine and is marked carefully with the muscle origins and insertions. Due to this the model offers the same information as the life size model. Pelvis with sacrum and 2 lumbar vertebrae f/m Adult female pelvis. Wings of ilium, sacrum and flexibly mounted L5 and L4. Adult male pelvis. Wings of ilium,...

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Anatomical Models - 8

Anatomical Models SPINE Pelvis of a 5 year old child Size approx 10 x 15 cm. 4051 Details: Flexibpliene S Female Pelvis model with ligaments. Life size. Female pelvis with Ligaments, Nerves and Pelvic Floor. Male Pelvis with pelvic floor muscles Female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature With 4-part collapsible pelvic floor The muscle layers in this model are in two parts. Female pelvic floor model, 12 parts This new model of a female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature represents the pelvic floor in its layers. The muscles are fixed with pins, allowing to remove them for...

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Anatomical Models - 9

have flexible intervertebral discs which compress on one side and expand on the other during flexion. True to life, as in human. The elastic intervertebral discs prevent an unnatural cleft from occurring between vertebra and intervertebral disc when the vertebral column is flexed. All bone components are cast from a natural vertebral column and show all the structures, fissures, foramina and processes with anatomical accuracy. In addition to this exact reproduction of the individual vertebrae, particular importance has been attached to mobility. Via the use of an unbreakable, mobile metal...

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Anatomical Models - 10

Anatomical Models Stand for Erler-Zimmer Spines Art. Nr. 4099 Professional Spine for intensive use, Version with femur stumps. The femur stumps are mounted movably and can be easily removed. 4014-1 Details: Professional Spine for intensive use, with classic intervertebral discs Highest quality natural casting of a human vertebral column with removable pelvis. The model is mounted on a flexible metal spiral hose, which renders the vertebral column robust and simultaneously highly mobile. The perfect model for anyone who wants to work intensive with the spine for years. The robust...

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Anatomical Models - 11

Ideal Size for the desktop Anatomical Models LUMBAR SPINE with pelvis Lumbar vertebral column With dorsolateral prolapse. With stand. With dorsolateral prolapse. With stand. Miniature Spinal Column Miniature Spinal Column on hanging stand Scaled down model of the human spinal column, approx. ½ life size. With plug-on stand. Reduced size model of a human spine in about ½ life size. On hanging stand. Lumbar vertebral column with pelvis and femur stumps With dorsolateral prolapse. With stand. 4045 Details: Lumbar spine with pelvis and femoral stumps for demonstration of malpositions....

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