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Catalog 2021 - 1

Medical Imaging Medical Simulators Anatomical Models Anatomical Charts Customized Products Physiotherapy accessories Veterinary medicine

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Catalog 2021 - 2

„ We want to continuously improve medical education by new innovations and thereby help people around the world to live healthier and longer lives.

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Catalog 2021 - 3

Welcome Dear Business Partners, Dear Customers, Our Vision is our Passion. As the 4th generation we are committed to add a fresh breeze to old values. Grown up in the Company we learned early on, that quality and customer orientation are not only words. For us these are aims and values we incorporate in our daily lives. Together with you we want to improve the medical education. We and the whole Erler-Zimmer team are looking forward to a vivid cooperation with you. With this catalogue we will take you on a journey through one of the largest product lines in the world. Sincerely Watch Image...

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Catalog 2021 - 4

About us The company Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co.KG Is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of anatomical models and medical simulators for education in all medical fields. The company was founded in 1950 with headquarters in Lauf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The name Erler-Zimmer was c omposed from the family names of the founder Johannes Erler and his son-in-law Walter Zimmer. Management: Patrick, Walter, Ute, Mathias Probst 1950 1954 Founded by Johannes Erler Walter Zimmer joins the company 1981 Ute Probst joins the company Patrick & Walter & Patrick & Mathias Probst Ute Probst...

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Catalog 2021 - 5

First Class Quality in all Products and Processes All business processes are optimized and are reviewed frequently by audits. The constant and high-grade quality is secured by ISO 9001 certification. Customer satisfaction is our fundamental t arget, due to this we are able to modify our processes after the customers requirements to allow a high level of flexibility and customer orientation. The final product testing is separated from the production process. There is a 100% Quality control for each product, you can be sure every single product is perfect. Because of this we are offering a 5...

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Catalog 2021 - 6

New · Innovative ·Digital Augmented-Anatomy-App Our anatomical models are supplied with a nomenclature. But it might not be at hand at any time, so we invented the new Augmented Anatomy App. This app identifies our models automatically and shows the nomenclature in Augmented Reality with the model. The App automatically recognizes compatible models, every day new models are added to the library. Ask you customer support if your model is compatible with the new App. The App is free for you as our customer. The function will work for our models, even if you have purchased them in the past,...

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Catalog 2021 - 7

What sets us apart ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Excellent quality Unique products Reasonable prices Great value for money Short lead times Fast and personal customer service Idea creation Design / Layout Worldwide distribution network Shipment service by air, sea or road freight Owner operated family business Processing of customer specific formalities and customs requirements ✓ Development with latest technologies ✓ Products made in Germany More than Got a broken model or simulator? No matter where you bought it or how old it is. We will repair it for you. Send us the product or a photo of the...

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Catalog 2021 - 8

Medical Simulators Anatomical Models

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Catalog 2021 - 9

Veterinary medicine Physiotherapy accessories Medical Imaging Special solutions & -designs Anatomical Charts Over 1500 articles under:

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Catalog 2021 - 10

Our service NOW NEW in this catalogue! Stay informed fast and completely with the Product QR code QR codes are 2D codes that can be scanned and read by smartphones and tablets. They link the physical and the virtual world. Next to each product in this catalogue you will find a QR code guiding you to the article in our web shop. This is how it works: Simply scan the QR code in the catalogue or on your screen, the product information on our web shop will open and you have full access to complete product information as well as to price and lead time. Your benefits: ✓ All available information...

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Catalog 2021 - 11

Detailed article information at: Anatomical Models

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Catalog 2021 - 12

SKELETON OVERVIEW Skeletons since Casts of real human skeletons in highest quality and attention to detail. All bones are individually crafted and carefully assembled. Easy to assemble. All individual parts are pre-assembled. rigid spine flexible spine muscle marking Joint ligaments at shoulder, elbow, hip & knee Herniated Disc Spinal Nerves three part Skull detachable arms detachable legs detachable feet sliding joints shoulder sliding joints hip leg separates at knee movable scapula Roller stand Size incl. Stand (cm) weight appr. (kg) 12

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Catalog 2021 - 13

Detailed article information at:

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Catalog 2021 - 14

ERLER-ZIMMER SKELETONS All Erler-Zimmer skeletons are castings of natural skeletons of highest quality and authenticity. The models in resistant synthetic material show all the anatomical details, structures, fissures, foramina and processes. All bones are manufactured individually and have been carefully assembled. Hands and feet are mounted flexibly on wire. Arms, legs and the skull can be removed easily and partially All disassembled. The 5-leg castor-mounted stand provides the human model with a consistently good support and allows Skeleton models: simple transport from one room to...

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Catalog 2021 - 15

Anatomical Models First class reproduction of a male adult skeleton at a very reasonable price. This skeleton is manufactured according to our strict quality regulations. The stable mounting and robust structure guarantees a long lasting quality even in intensive use. The spine of the skeleton Oskar shows spinal nerves, the vertebral artery and a dorsolateral disc prolapse. Human Skeleton Model The ideal model for anatomical study. Actual cast of a real human skeleton in highest quality. All details and structures are faithfully reproduced. Movable shoulder blades The shoulder blades are...

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Catalog 2021 - 16

ERLER-ZIMMER THERAPY SKELETONS In order to do justice to the increasing requirements of therapeutic training, the EZ-therapy skeletons offer a fully mobile vertebral column. Mounted on a highly robust and simultaneously optimally flexible metal spiral hose, this vertebral column can be simply set in any position. In addition to normal postures, malpositions and malpostures can be demonstrated very impressively. Owing to the special flexible intervertebral discs, the vertebral column can not only be flexed but also rotated itself. These intervertebral discs behave like natural discs when...

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