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Medical Simulators - 2

Deluxe Childbirth Model Set With this set you can easily demonstrate the birth process. The 48cmlong Fetal Model represents an average-sized, full-term baby. The body flexes to show all presentations and positions, and the head has palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. The Perineal Cloth Model (13 x 16,5 cm) demonstrates the stretching of the perineum, possible episiotomy, and the emergence of the fetal head. The cloth attaches to our Flexible Pelvis Model and accommodates the head of the Fetal Model. The Flexible R10074 Pelvis Model can be manipulated to demonstrate how the...

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Medical Simulators - 3

Medical Simulators Obstetric Training Simulator, Complete Set Cervical Examination Simulator This training model provides everything you need to perfectly train the m anual examination of the cervix. The genital area is made of new and i nnovative material that excels in elasticity, durability and resilience. Features: ✓ 5 exchangeable cervix inserts in different stages ✓ The position of the head is adjustable from -3 to +6 ✓ The head has a frontal fontanel ✓ Anatomical landmarks such as iliac spine and symphysis ✓ The insertion of a bladder catheter can be practiced ✓ A pap smear test can...

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Medical Simulators - 4

Medical Simulators Stages-of-Birth Module Model for upgrading LM114. For determining a Bishop Score. This module contains three different stages of the cervix as well as a foetal head. The foetal head can be placed in various positions. The cranial sutures and fontanels are palpable. Also useable as a stand-alone model with the optionally available lower torso. The model is made of a new type of highly flexible and durable material. LM101F Details: The Super OB Susie childbirth training torso is designed to aid educators teach labor and delivery management skills to learners of all...

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Medical Simulators - 5

Medical Simulators Advanced Childbirth Simulator This versatile childbirth simulator is used worldwide by healthcare educators. It not only provides an excellent simulation of the normal delivery experience for the student and educator, but also provides instruction in abnormal and multiple deliveries. It may be used for demonstration of the following obstetric procedures: ✓ Normal vaginal delivery ✓ Complete, frank, and footling breech birth ✓ C-section delivery ✓ Ritgen’s maneuver ✓ Episiotomy ✓ Vertex presentation ✓ Intrauterine manipulation ✓ Vertex/vertex, vertex/breech, breech/vertex,...

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Medical Simulators - 6

Medical Simulators BIRTHING MANIKINS Obstetric Practice Doll This full body manikin forms the basis for a comprehensive s imulation model in midwifery. The manikin as a basic platform offers general functions like airway management, oxygen administration, gastric tube, IV access in both elbows, and on the back of the hand. Placing an urethral catheter can be explained, IM and subcutaneous injections are possible. The manikin has a female breast for palpation as well as a puncture site for simulation of an epidural catheter. The manikin works as a platform and can be combined with different...

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Medical Simulators - 7

Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery. Features: ✓ articulating full-body female manikin ✓ intubatable airway with chest rise ✓ IV arm for meds/fluids ✓ removable stomach cover ✓ practice Leopold maneuvers ✓ multiple fetal heart sounds ✓ automatic birthing system ✓ measure head descent and cervical dilation ✓ multiple placenta locations ✓ replaceable dilating cervices ✓ practice postpartum suturing on vulval inserts ✓ one articulating birthing baby with placenta and PEDI Blue Neonatal Simulator Comes with PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with...

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Medical Simulators - 8

Medical Simulators Postnatal examination and care model Episiotomy & Perineal Laceration Trainer This true to life replica of a female lower abdomen allows digital examination of the regressing uterus following birth. Special synthetic material conveys a highly natural feel. Exchangeable uterus models allow differentiation of normal and abnormal regression, in addition to regression during the first week (first, third and fifth day). In addition to these examination possibilities, the model is eminently suited to LM55 practice of postnatal care. The Details: vulva is washable and...

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Medical Simulators - 9

Infant with extremely low birth weight (ELBW) This manikin represents a male infant of 26-29 weeks gestational with 900g weight. It provides training opportunities for nursing and emergency. Premature Infant Model Features: Nursing procedures ✓ Positioning, hygiene in an incubator (not for bathing practice) ✓ Assessment and measurements of the body ✓ Inserting a urine catheter ✓ OG and NG tube insertion, airways suction ✓ Nasal CPAP ventilation The ideal model for practicing how to care for premature infants. Developed for training in incubator care. Suitable for practicing washing,...

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Medical Simulators - 10

Medical Simulators Nursing Newborn Our newborn looks just like a 0-8 week old baby. The chubby face and body with beautifully detailed tiny, soft hands and feet make you want to hold and care for this addition to our family of pediatric and adult advanced patient care simulators. Baby C.H.A.R.L.I.E. Neonatal Resuscitation Simulator with ECG Baby CHARLIE was designed to satisfy all training needs of the Neonate Resuscitation Program, 7th Edition by the American Academy of Pediatrics. C: Compressions, Cardiac H: Heat compatible A: Airway, Arterial access via the umbilicus R: Resuscitation L:...

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Medical Simulators - 11

This model of a neonate is a true to life replica, but nevertheless highly economically priced. It is therefore eminently suited to group training (bathing and nappy practice). Mobile joints allow all the main exercises in infant care. Size: 50 cm, Weight: 1.2 kg. Baby care doll, male Male version BA72 Details: Female version BA73 Details: Female version, Dark Skin colour BA82 Details: Female version, Dark Skin colour BA83 Details: Parent Education Baby This Newborn baby doll can be used for nappy practice and baby care courses for parents. The movable doll...

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