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Veterinary Medicine - 2

Veterinary medicine One side of the model presents the external anatomy of the animal, while the other presents the muscular system. The model is divided into two parts in the sagittal plane, which allows to present the internal anatomy of gastrointestinal, reproductive and excretory systems. 12 parts 2/3 natural size Sheep model The model can be disassembled into 12 pieces: ✓ 2 body halves, divisible in the sagittal section ✓ stomach (2 pieces) ✓ small and large intestine ✓ heart (2 parts) ✓ liver with spleen ✓ one limb ✓ lung ✓ 2-part uterus (reproductive system) ✓ rectum, bladder ✓...

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Veterinary Medicine - 3

Veterinary medicine Advanced simulator for artificial insemination (AI) of the cow The simulator represents the rear half of a female breeding cattle on a base with castors. It enables the training and observation of the palpation manipulation that is carried out during the insemination process and the examination per rectum. Characteristics: The set contains a complete artificial reproductive system, an uterus in the oestrus and a handpiece. An interchangeable full-size representation of the reproductive system with characteristic anatomical structures, mounted in the correct anatomical...

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Veterinary Medicine - 4

Veterinary medicine Canine jaw with healthy and diseased Teeth Median section of a dog head This handy model Has a normal side with cochlea, auditory ossicles, auditory tube, tympanic bulla, middle ear cavity, tympanic membrane, horizontal canal, vertical canal, auricular cartilage, pinna and temporalis muscle; and a diseased side showing inflamed inner ear structures, inflammatory exudate in tympanic bulla, ear canal with partial occlusion from cellular VET1210 hyperplasia, and an reddened Details: (inflamed) outer ear. This scaled down model of a median sectioned dog head depicts...

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Veterinary Medicine - 5

Advanced Airway manikin CasPeR the CPR Dog provides training in mouth-to-snout resuscitation with individual-use, disposable airway bags. These economical disposable shield/lung bags eliminate cross contamination between students and the need to disinfect the manikin after every use. This dog manikin can be used to teach proper hand placement for compressions, depth of compressions, airway maintenance, femoral pulse check, and adequate ventilation. The model has no indication function, the teacher has to judge proper exercise. Advanced Airway Jerry is a full-sized manikin built with a...

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Veterinary Medicine - 6

This anatomically correct simulator allows surgical training possibilities: Veterinary medicine Canine Dental / Surgical Model ✓ Simulated teeth and bone are surrounded with Painstakingly constructed, Rufus Bandaging Manikin is an all-rounded tool to the critical care student.This full-sized model is ideal for practical lab skills and practicing advanced bandaging techniques. Apart from administering first aid, the manikin can be used to practice mouth-to-snout resuscitation. The left knee, elbow, carpal and hock joints are capable of 90° movements. Shoulder and hip joints also have the...

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Veterinary Medicine - 7

K-9 Intubation Trainer Elegantly simple – this model is built for performing proper endotracheal placement. The ET tube either goes correctly into the trachea or wrongly into the esophagus. Improved representations of the trachea, esophagus and epiglottis are all realistically crafted into this dog bust. VET4080 It also features an airway with working lungs. Details: Because the head is attached to a table clamp with a pivot base, it can be easily manipulated. Veterinary medicine Bandage trainer canine paw A dog's paw is stressed with every step and can be easily injured by broken...

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Veterinary Medicine - 8

Veterinary Vascular Access Sleeve, animal (dog) Train on venipuncture and vascular access skills in life-like scenarios with no harm to participants with the Veterinary Vascular Access Sleeve. Designed to fit most dogs, cats, and manikins, the sleeve is secured by the hook and loop tabs above and below Surgireal’s simulated RealFlow tissue pad. Keeping safety as our top priority, all Vascular Access Sleeves are designed with puncture resistant material to make sure the needle won’t make contact with your participant. Training applications include, but are not limited to: Needle Alignment...

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Veterinary Medicine - 9

Veterinary medicine Fluffy Feline CPR Manikin The feline counterpart of Jerry, Fluffy has realistic working lungs and an artificial pulse. Students learn to perform feline compressions and mouth-to-snout resuscitation. It is also designed to splint and allow bandaging. Parts can be cleaned and are disposable. Accessories include a carrying case and 5 disposable lungs. Face shields are sold separately. CT/X-Ray Phantom Dog The phantom provides a realistic simulation of a dog w ithout contrast medium enhancement. Bone and soft tissues are accurately represented with realistic Hounsfield units...

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Veterinary Medicine - 10

Veterinary medicine Mimolette Lab Rat Mimolette Lab Rat manikin was created with these key features to end hopefully the practice of using live rats for training: Endotracheal intubation, Cardiac puncture, Blood collection from the saphenous vein. The laboratory rat has been used very widely in experiments. Following our ethos regarding humane science, Mimolette is one of our proudest creations to date. Mimolette comes complete with her own carrying case, lungs, heart, veins, artificial blood and IV accessories. IV Access Tail: An option for a detachable and disposable tail for the...

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Veterinary Medicine - 11

Veterinary medicine Horse Front Leg with Scapula We include the scapula, humerus, forearm (fused radius and ulna), cannon bone and foot. The foot consists of the long pastern bone (or first phalanx), the short pastern bone (or second phalanx) and the coffin bone (or third phalanx). The coffin bone is enclosed by the hoof. The horse is an unguligrade mammal. Such mammals walk on from four to only one digit (the horse's foot is really a single digit). The equivalent of the VET4370 wrist or ankle joint is high above the ground. Details: Such adaptations result in the ability to sustain...

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