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X-Ray Phantoms - 1

Detailed article information at: Medical Imaging

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X-Ray Phantoms - 2

Medical Imaging FULL BODY X-RAY PHANTOM with real human bones Detailed article information at: View product video here:

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X-Ray Phantoms - 3

This model is unique in the world and provides excellent training opportunities for positioning and alignment techniques in projection radiography. It should be part of the basic equipment of any radiographic school. The phantom contains a real human skeleton as well as outlines of larynx, lung, heart and kidneys (organs will create a shadow on the image), which allows taking real X-ray images like in a patient. Using a real skeleton provides even smallest guiding structures which is impossible with a plastic skeleton. During assembly of this phantom we pay special attention to the correct...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 4

X-RAY PART PHANTOMS X-ray Phantom hand Hand with wrist. Transparent Opaque 7210 Details: Our X-Ray part phantoms give the unique opportunity to take x-ray images of single body parts again and again. The Phantoms include real human bones and allow to take real x-ray images. The models are perfect for schools and education, but also for medical technicians since the same bones can be x-rayed again and again in different settings without the danger of harming a patient. The bones are embedded in transparent plastic. If requested the phantoms can be coated with opaque color to hide the...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 5

Medical Imaging Thorax Includes a thoracic skeleton with embedded heart and lungs to provide realistic imaging. The scapulae are rotated outside of the lung fields for proper PA chest imaging. Transparent Right foot Left Hand Normalposition. Transparent Opaque Grasping position. Transparent Opaque Pelvis Includes lumbar / sacral spine, pelvic bony anatomy and proximal femurs. Opaque Left foot Oblique position. Transparent Opaque Right Elbow Right Knee Movable. Normal flexion range allows for AP/lateral and partial flexion views with one phantom. Transparent Opaque Freely movable patella and...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 6

The new pediatric whole body phantom is molded after a 5-year-old child of 105 cm height. This phantom is a life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver, mediastinum and kidneys embedded in soft tissue substitute. Medical Imaging Pediatric whole body phantom Training skills: ✓ Plain X-ray photography and basic CT scanning. ✓ Basic patient positioning for X-ray and CT. Modular full body x-ray phantom The whole body phantom is a life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-ofthe-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver,...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 7

A unique, life size whole body phantom for CT provides a variety of educational application as well as visual evaluation in finding out optimal scanning conditions. The phantom can also be used for plain X-ray, showing life-like images. No metal parts or liquid structure are used. Main joints have close-to human articulation, allowing various positioning for training. The phantom can be disassembled into 10 parts. Improved shoulder joint system enables the phantom to take arm-up position. Organs are anatomically correct and have appropriate HU numbers. Body plates for adult X-Ray phantoms...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 8

Combine theory with practice with pathological findings in this hands-on training phantom. Based on the CT Whole Body Phantom R16950 this phantom offers a variation of pathologies: Medical Imaging CT Whole Body Phantom with Pathologies This unique anthropomorphic upper abdomen phantom allows obtaining CT images approximate to clinical data. The elaborate anatomy of organs allows a multi-dimensional approach. Liver, portal vein, bile duct, hepatic vein, hepatic artery, kidneys, pancreas spleen and IVC are embedded along with synthetic bones. Each individual organ has a particular Hounsfield...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 9

This multipurpose training model can be used for training in x-ray and Computer tomography. It is suitable for training of making radiographs as well as for image interpretation training. Additionally it can be used for assessment of x-ray and CT systems. All model structures are made of materials that have x-ray absorption rates close to human tissue. The model can be opened and artificial tumors can be inserted into the lung. 15 different tumors are supplied with the model. R16511 Details: Medical Imaging Chest phantom for X-ray and CT Subsolid Nodules Simulation Set The Subsolid...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 10

Radiation therapy phantom This Phantom is a CT phantom developed to facilitate optimizing the radiation dose and other scanning conditions for lung cancer screening CT examination with Helical CT or MDCT, which is aiming at early detection of lung cancers. As the screening is usually done on healthy people, the necessity of minimizing the exposure while maximizing the image quality is considered to be particularly high. The phantom is designed to set conditions for detection of small early lung cancers such as GGA, which are difficult to be found by plain X-ray. Anthropologic structure of...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 11

Medical Imaging Angiographic head model This model consists of a synthetic human skull which is embedded in a plastic head. In the left half of the skull the anterior and middle cerebral artery are represented and filled with contrast medium. The diameter of the arteries range from 0.5 mm to 4 mm. CT prostate phantom Resourceful model for therapy planning for prostate cancer. Anatomy: Organs: prostate, urinal bladder with simulated internal fluid, seminal vesicles and rectum. Bones: L4, L5, pelvis and femurs (partial). Specifications: Set Includes: 1 prostate phantom Size: 35 cm. CT Knee...

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X-Ray Phantoms - 12

Medical Imaging ERLER-ZIMMER NATURE LINE CT PHANTOMS Pelvis Phantom with F emoral Neck Fracture SIVELY E XCLUimmer Z at Erler- Are created from real human patient data and are manufactured with latest technology. Bone and soft tissues are accurately represented with realistic Hounsfield units for all tissues at 120 kVp tube voltage CT imaging. If the phantom is primarily required for CT imaging at different tube voltages (e.g., 100 kVp), the calibration of Hounsfield units can be adapted accordingly upon request. The phantom also yields realistic tissue contrast in X-ray imaging. Air voids...

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