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re-op Planning Dedicated to planning of Endovascular Interventions

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Pre-op Planning OPTIMIZE YOUR PRE-OP WORKFLOW What would you say if you were offered a mobile and accessible solution for planning of endovascular interventions? A solution that offers advanced 3D visualization tools, makes performing precision measurements easy and lets you complete the stent order sheets in no time? 3mensio Vascular™ does exactly that because it was designed with and for vascular specialists. With this imaging application you obtain full ownership of your pre-op analysis; sizing, planning and reporting. Simply follow one of the dedicated workflows and decide if minimally...

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Speed Dedicated Workflow Assistants Select a dedicated workflow assistant to quickly but thoroughly analyze with focus on the AAA or TAA. One-click Vessel Segmentation Quickly focus on the aorta and its side branches by getting rid of the surrounding structures and tissue with just one click. Automatic Center Lumen Line Detection 3mensio Vascular™ will automatically detect the center lumen line. You can view the centerline in 3 axial views and a snake view to adjust it manually Measurements Streched Views This view presents the center lumen line as a straight line, allowing you to easily...

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Fenestrated stents The fenestrated planning tools provide all that you need for fenestrated stent cases. After indicating the target vessels, the software will automatically create centerlines in these vessels. This allows you to determine the details of the fenestrated stent. >> Indicate the target vessels such as the celiac trunk, SMA and left and right renal artery >> Create a scheme of the clock positions, heights and diameters of the fenestrations >> Prepare the procedure with the simulated Angio View Iliac Bifurcation For the planning of the Iliac Bifurcation Devices (IBD) additional...

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Usability is key Dedicated workflow assistants After selecting the desired workflow, you will be guided through the preparations for measurements. Direct data import 3mensio Vascular™ works with all major medical imaging formats of US/echo, XA and CTA and can access multiple data stores on the network, CD, DVD, USB or the internet. Connecting to your PACS is as easy as can be. Installation The 3mensio Vascular™ software can be installed on virtually any modern Windowsbased laptop or desktop, eliminating the need for specialized hardware and facilitating communication with your patients....

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Pie Medical Imaging stands for: > The gold standard in Quantitative Analysis software > Extensively validated for patient care > Accurate and reproducible analysis results > Fast and intuitive operation > Expertise in cardiovascular quantitative analysis software Quality Assurance: Pie Medical Imaging develops, produces and sells its products in accordance with international accepted standards. This product is CE marked and FDA 510(k) cleared. Quality Management System complies with: > ISO 13485 > FDA Quality System Regulation > Canadian CAN/CSA ISO 13485 For information and sales, please...

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