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3mensio CT - Structural Heart - Brochure

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Pre-op Planning Dedicated to planning of aortic and mitral valve replacement and repair procedures and left atrial appendage closures

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Pre-op Planning OPTIMIZE YOUR PRE-OP WORKFLOW Especially designed for and with cardiovascular specialists, 3mensio Structural Heart™ will let you plan aortic and mitral valve procedures anytime, anywhere. Its intuitive graphical user interface simplifies your workflow, enabling you to quickly and accurately visualize and analyze the vasculature, aortic and mitral valve. You will obtain one report of each session with multiple series and multiple imaging modalities. With 3mensio Structural Heart™ you can gain better insight into your patient’s pathology and ultimately complete less invasive...

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Aortic Root Automatic Segmentation Prepare for Aortic Root measurements within a few seconds due to automatic segmentation of the ascending aorta. Manually adjust the center lumen line and the annulus plane. Assessment of Anatomy 3mensio Structural Heart™ offers several tools to efficiently assess the anatomy of the aortic valve. >> MinIP: inspect the anatomy of the valve without the obstruction of the calcifications >> Hockey Puck: assess calcifications from all sides >> Simulated Angio View Measurements >> Diameters (perpendicular to the centre line), such as the aortic annulus, the...

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Approach routes Femoral approach At the touch of a button, the centre lumen line is presented as a straight line, allowing you to easily and precisely perform length measurements. Use the Stretched View to visualize calcification, vessel diameter and tortuosity of both iliacs in one single overview. Enter the catheter’s French size to see it instantly projected over the complete trajectory. The Angio View lets you simulate the optimal C-arm rotation. Subclavian approach Look into vessel diameters, calcifications and tortuosity, all combined in the Stretched View with this workflow dedicated...

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Coronary Coronary CTA 3mensio Coronary CTA can help to assess the coronary arteries for suspect coronary artery disease. Extract the coronary artery tree automatically. Display vessels using stretched and cross-sectional views. Quantify lesions by measuring the vessel diameter at different positions. Prepare your coronary procedures with 3mensio Coronary CTA. Use the simulated angio view to interactively determine the optimal C-arm projection before treatment. Calcium Scoring 3mensio Calcium Scoring provides fast and easy quantification of calcifications in the coronary arteries. Classify...

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Pie Medical Imaging stands for: > 30 years of expertise in cardiovascular image analysis > Extensive validation for both patient care and research > Accurate and reproducible analysis results > Fast and intuitive operation Quality Assurance: Pie Medical Imaging develops, produces and sells its products in accordance with international accepted standards. Quality Management System complies with: > ISO 13485 > FDA Quality System Regulation > Canadian CAN/CSA ISO 13485 for information and sales, please contact: headquarters Pie Medical Imaging BV Philipsweg 1 6227 AJ Maastricht P.O. Box 1132...

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