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CAAS IVUS OCT - Intravascular Software - Brochure

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Save time analyzing IVUS and OCT data with CAAS Intravascular

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Analyze your IVUS and OCT data quick and easy Analyze your IVUS and OCT data immediately after the pullback has finished or easily access the data at another convenient time. CAAS IntraVascular facilitates fast data transfer from your PACS or IVUS/OCT console and lets you analyze the data fast and efficient. A dedicated workflow assistant guides you through the analysis which makes CAAS IntraVascular very easy to use. Important results are automatically stored in the report, which you can customize to your needs. CAAS IntraVascular Local data storage with PACS connectivity The data storage...

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IVUS analysis Analysis of IVUS data After only one click, CAAS IntraVascular automatically segments the lumen, external elastic membrane (EEM) and stent contours on the longitudinal view. Adjust the contours in both the longitudinal and cross-sectional view to achieve the most accurate results. Corrections are processed in 3D space and propagated to the surrounding frames, which saves valuable time. Chemogram data can be visualized by loading a dataset from a TVC imaging system and lipid-core burden index (LCBI) values can be measured. Resulting measurements: >  Minimal Lumen Diameter and...

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Reporting Report and Export Compose a customized report of your analysis. The software automatically fills the report with the available results and screenshots and you can add additional screenshots. Complement the results with your comments to obtain a complete analysis of your patient. Export the report as a pdf or as a DICOM file to PACS. The XML export facilitates integration with research databases. Find out more or contact us at

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Save time analyzing IVUS and OCT data with CAAS IntraVascular >  Local data storage with PACS connectivity >  RAW OCT data import >  Automatic longitudinal and cross-sectional contours >  Easily perform contour adjustments in 3D space , which the software automatically propagates    in 3D space >  Automatic patient report generation

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Pie Medical Imaging stands for: >The gold standard in Quantitative Analysis software > Extensively validated for patient care > Accurate and reproducible analysis results > Fast and intuitive operation > Expertise in cardiovascular quantitative analysis software Quality Assurance: Pie Medical Imaging develops, produces and sells its products in accordance with international accepted standards.This product is CE marked Quality Management System complies with: > FDA Quality System Regulation mail pmiPpie.n

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