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CAAS MR - Magnetic Resonance Quantitative Analysis - MR 4D Flow- Brochure

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D Magnetic Resonance Analysis Visualization and Quantification of Aortic Blood Flow

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4D Magnetic Resonance Analysis Complete assesment of your MR 4D Flow data Time-efficient and intuitive analysis of your 3D phase contrast MR Nowadays a lot of research on valvular disease is based on 3D phase contrast MR images. CAAS MR 4D Flow is specifically designed to extract relevant information from the 3D phase contrast MR images, within a few clicks. Automatic 3D segmentation of the data provides interactive visualization of flow patterns by means of streamlines, time-resolved path lines and color coded vectors. Parameters for Flow comparison Compare different planes in the aorta or...

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Visualization CAAS MR 4D Flow provides multiple options for visualization of blood flow. Through interactive ‘point and click’, multiple emitter planes can be placed along the centerline. Originating from Streamline visualization multiple and freely selectable emitter planes, aortic flow can be visualized by streamlines, time-resolved 3D pathlines or as color coded vectors. Vector fields from three emitter planes Wall Shear Stress Compare different planes within a dataset by measuring the wall shear stress (WSS). The distribution of the wall shear stress will be presented in a 3D color...

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A 2D flow phase contrast analysis in the 3D volume can be performed in just a few clicks. You can freely place multiple planes throughout the aorta for 2D velocity analyses. Using the phase contrast and magnitude images, a 2D vessel contour is automatically detected which can be manually corrected. Contours can be automatically propagated to calculate results over time. Basic 2D flow parameters are presented in a graph. I Delete] Copy All * | Apply] [Reset] Cardiac output (l/min) Pumped blood volume [mil Regurgitation fraction Flew displacement Planet Plane I Plane 3 Plane 4 Plane 3 2D Flow...

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4D Magnetic Resonance Analysis Pie Medical Imaging, manufacturer of Quantitative Analysis software for cardiology and radiology, is well known for its CAAS product line. The CAAS software supports medical professionals in the diagnostic process and during patient treatment. Furthermore, CAAS is used in research studies on the efficacy of novel intervention methods. In CAAS MR 4D Flow, you can visualize 3D phase contrast image datasets and extract relevant blood flow parameters. Visualization of Blood Flow Blood Flow parameters > Visualize blood flow through streamlines > Wall shear stress...

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Pie Medical Imaging stands for: > The gold standard in Quantitative Analysis software > Extensive validation for both patient care and research > Accurate and reproducible analysis results > Fast and intuitive operation > Expertise in cardiovascular quantitative analysis software Quality Assurance: Pie Medical Imaging develops, produces and sells products in accordance with international accepted standards. CAAS MR 4D Flow is CE marked and pending 510(k) clearance and therefore meant for research purposes only in the US. Quality Management System complies with: > ISO 13485 > Canadian...

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