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CAAS MR - Magnetic Resonance Quantitative Analysis - MRV-MR Flow - Brochure

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Magnetic Resonance Quantitative Analysis Reliable analysis of heart and peripheral arteries in the clinical

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CAAS MRV Functional Workflow Designed for imaging specialists, CAAS MRV is aimed to analyze performance of the heart muscle. The motion of the heart muscle can be assessed on cine MR images, allowing understanding contraction of the left and right ventricle. Additionally, damaged tissue due to lack of oxygen, is assessed using first pass perfusion or viability. Taken together, this will give a complete understanding of the patients’ cardiac function. The endocardial and epicardial wall of the left ventricle is automatically segmented on short axis images. Ejection fraction, End diastolic...

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CAAS MRV Tissue mapping workflow2 Tissue characterization by discriminating between T1 and T2 tissue contrast is a unique strength of magnetic resonance imaging. The tissue mapping module allows the analysis of T1, T2 and T2* relaxation values. Relaxation values can be translated into a color map for easy visualization of affected tissue. Visualization of T1 relaxation values is supported for look-locker and modified look-locker sequences. For analysis of T2 relaxation values different curve fit settings are applicable. T1 and T2* colormap and fitted curve used for tissue characterization...

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CAAS MR Flow Intuitive flow measurements Blood flow in a vessel can help to understand cardiovascular problems. Inspection of the blood flow profile throughout the cardiac cycle of aortic and pulmonary flow could help to identify a shunt, valvular regurgitation or perhaps aortic co-arcutation. The CAAS MR Flow workflow guides you in just a few simple steps to the results based on your phase-contrast MR images. Calculation of flows and velocities on Phase Contrast MR Find out more or contact us at Key results CAAS MR Flow > Pulmonary shunt fraction > End-diastole...

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Magnetic Resonance Quantitative Analysis Usability is key Save valuable time Time is valuable in clinical practice. CAAS MRV and CAAS MR Flow are optimized to fit in the clinical practice with an intuitive and guided workflow. In CAAS MRV series of images are composed and can be inspected with the integrated DICOM viewer allowing rapid inspection and direct measurements. Are you often interrupted? No problem, as you can continue working on your analysis at any time. Your analysis and results can be stored locally or at the PACS in a clear overview. PACS connectivity Rapid availability of...

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Pie Medical Imaging stands for: > The gold standard in Quantitative Analysis software > Extensive validation for both patient care and research > Accurate and reproducible analysis results > Fast and intuitive operation > Expertise in cardiovascular quantitative analysis software Quality Assurance: Pie Medical Imaging develops, produces and sells products in accordance with international accepted standards. CAAS MRV and CAAS MR Flow are CE marked and 510(k) cleared. The use of contrast agents for cardiac MR procedures is not FDA approved and therefore the viability workflow and perfusion...

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