CAAS XA - Quantitative X-Ray Angiography Software - Brochure - 6 Pages

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CAAS XA - Quantitative X-Ray Angiography Software - Brochure

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Quantitative Analysis Software CAAS Workstation

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Quantitative Analysis Software Pie Medical Imaging, world market leader in Quantitative Analysis software for cardiology and radiology, is well known for its CAAS (Cardiovascular Angiographic Analysis System) product line. Pie Medical Imaging is dedicated to the development of quantitative analysis software. The CAAS software supports medical professionals in the diagnostic process and during patient treatment. Furthermore, CAAS is used in research studies on the efficacy of novel intervention methods. Pie Medical Imaging is dedicated to quantitative analysis of medical images for more than...

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CAAS QCA / QCA3D QCA can be extended to QCA3D which allows 3D analysis of single and bifurcated coronary arteries based on two angiographic projections without foreshortening or out-of-plane magnification. CAAS QCA (Quantitative Coronary Analysis) is the worldwide accepted standard for the assessment of coronary arterial dimensions, and to assist in the selection of the optimal balloon and stent size. CAAS QCA features single vessel and bifurcation analysis including calibration, automatic contour detection and quantification of severity of the stenosis. CAAS QVA CAAS QVA (Quantitative...

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CAAS IV-LINQ CAAS IV-LINQ offers co-registration of IVUS and OCT pullbacks with angiograms. After co-registration bookmarks and stent landing zone can be positioned in the IVUS or OCT pullback and visualized on the angiogram. Additionally diameter and area measurements can be performed in IVUS/OCT pullbacks. CAAS Stent Enhancer CAAS StentEnhancer features enhanced stent visualization. The application automatically enhances the image region where the stent is deployed.

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CAAS LVA (Left Ventricular Analysis) is used to assess left ventricular function. The software provides calibration and automatic contour detection resulting in volume calculation and wall motion analysis. CAAS LVA features multiple wall motion analysis possibilities and with the loop under contour functionality the user can easily check if the images for ED and CAAS LVA is standard available for monoplane analysis and optional biplane analysis (using two projections) can be performed. CAAS RVA (Right Ventricular Analysis) offers analysis of the right ventricle based on angiographic X-ray...

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Pie Medical Imaging stands for: ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› The gold standard in Quantitative Analysis software Extensive validation for both patient care and research Accurate and reproducible analysis results Fast and intuitive operation Expertise in cardiovascular quantitative analysis software Quality Assurance: Pie Medical Imaging develops, produces and sells its products in accordance with international accepted standards. This product of Pie Medical Imaging is FDA 510(k) cleared and MDD compliant (CE marked). Quality Management System complies with: ›› ISO 13485 ›› FDA Quality System Regulation...

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