EVOlution'16 in Dedicated MRI - Head Imaging


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Head imaging, the logical evolution of Esaote MRI Evolution, Let’s Think A-Head

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The coil design offers a comfortable open view to reduce claustrophobic response. The sliding mechanism makes for easy and fast patient positioning. The flexible Esaote user interface allows for full customization of the standard head protocols. All coils are supplied with paddings for stable and comfortable positioning. “We have drawn on our thirty years of experience in MSK MRI to enable to our customers to take a step further in the use of our MRI systems” EVO’16 introduces the head imaging option for both the S-­ can and G-scan Brio MRI systems, s completing the functionality of both...

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EVOlution'16 in Dedicated MRI - Head Imaging - 3

The G-scan Brio allows for weight-bearing imaging of the head, opening a new field of application in MRI. For weight-bearing imaging, the ergonomic design of the G-scan Brio ensures a comfortable sitting position for the patient.

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Head imaging for G-scan Brio and S-­ can s This Product is not for demonstration and sales yet (no conformity approval available). LESS complexity MORE results LESS energy required MORE efficient healthcare Please visit us online for more information FRANCE Esaote Medical SAS ZA du Bel Air 10, rue de Témara, 78105 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Tel. +33 1 8204 8900, Fax +33 1 3061 7210 info@esaote.fr GERMANY Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH Max-Planck-Straße 27a 50858 Köln Tel. +49 2234 688 5600, Fax +49 2234 967 9628 info@esaote.de SPAIN Esaote España S.A. C/. Pont Reixat, 5 08960 Sant Just...

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