EVOlution'16 in Dedicated MRI Technology - 8 Pages

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EVOlution'16 in Dedicated MRI Technology

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Provides the latest and greatest software and hardware upgrade configuration powered by eXP technology: boosting productivity, increasing image quality, and adding new acquisition techniques. • Continuous improvement of performance, features, and services • State-of-the-art technologies upgrading possibilities • Maximized return on investment • Augmented patient care • Improved clinical workflow and patient throughput EVOlution represents Esaote’s continuous improvement program which ensures product and service enhancement as well as increased customer satisfaction. Dynamic Contrast...

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Software and Hardware Upgrade Discover the new features which are part of the EVOlution‘16 upgrade for MRI. All features are built on a new advanced hardware platform based on Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) technology, boosting MRI performance. 3D Represents the next step in terms of isotropic 3D sequences. Reduces the voxel size enabling incredibly high resolution Multi-PlanarReconstruction (MPR). In combination with Speed-Up Pro, allows for a 50% reduction in scan time in a single acquisition. MAR MAR sequences facilitate imaging both of patients with metallic implants and postoperative...

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G-scan Brio: The Key to Confidence The G-scan Brio is a revolutionary MRI approach for all musculoskeletal applications, which, combined with the new EVO’16 upgrade, increases diagnostic accuracy and confidence. The open and tilting design is the new and innovative way of performing an MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the exam outcome.

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Supine L-­Spine 3D Hyce ISO Coronal Supine L-­Spine MPR Sagittal Supine L-­Spine MPR Transverse Weight-Bearing L-­Spine 3D Hyce ISO Coronal Weight-Bearing L-­Spine MPR Sagittal Weight-Bearing L-­Spine MPR Transverse T-Spine 3D Hyce Iso Axial

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S-scan: The Next Step in MRI The S-scan dedicated MRI scanner represents the latest development of Esaote’s technology in MRI.It is perfectly in line with today’s need for efficient and economic health care, and is a sensible choice for any imaging center with a substantial musculoskeletal workload. S-scan, combined with EVO’16, allows users to increase productivity and optimize workflow, whilst retaining excellent image quality. L-­ pine -3D Hyce ISO Coronal S L-­ pine MPR Hyce Axial S Knee 3D Sharc ISO Sagittal Knee MPR Sharc Coronal

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O-scan: Taking Pride in Performance O-scan, the ‘star performer’ in terms of MRI for extremities, meets the need for higher throughput in radiological settings and orthopedic practices. An O-scan works well as an accompaniment to whole body scanners, helping to free up the latter for major clinical cases. O-scan also significantly improves the patient experience. The EVO’16 upgrade can be relied upon to enhance the performance of the O-scan in terms of spatial resolution and scanning time. Knee Sagittal 3D Sharc Post Treatm

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LESS complexity MORE results LESS energy required MORE efficient healthcare Please visit us online for more information FRANCE Esaote Medical SAS ZA du Bel Air 10, rue de Témara, 78105 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Tel. +33 1 8204 8900, Fax +33 1 3061 7210 info@esaote.fr GERMANY Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH Max-Planck-Straße 27a 50858 Köln Tel. +49 2234 688 5600, Fax +49 2234 967 9628 info@esaote.de SPAIN Esaote España S.A. C/. Pont Reixat, 5 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona Tel. +34 93 473 2090, Fax +34 93 473 2042 info@esaote.es THE NETHERLANDS AND BELGIUM Esaote Benelux B.V. Philipsweg 1...

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