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G-Scan Brio - Brochure

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More detail, better accuracy, greater confidence The G-scan Brio is a revolutionary MRI approach for all musculoskeletal applications, which allows you to increase your diagnostic accuracy and confidence. The open and tilting design is the new and innovative way of doing MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the examination.

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G-scan Brio: adds weight to your diagnosis Many symptoms and pathologies occur or are emphasized when the patient is in the weight-bearing position. Conventional MRI may not demonstrate the pathology related to particular symptoms whereas the G-scan Brio gives you a new point of view so you can accurately diagnose MSK pathologies which are affected by the weight-bearing position. G-scan Brio, the law of gravity With the G-scan Brio you can gain a more complete understanding of the joint under examination. The forces of gravity generate bio-mechanical changes in the human anatomy, so MR...

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G-scan Brio: smooth and simple positioning Fast Positioning The excellent ergonomics and unique features of G-scan Brio bring benefits for the operator as well as the patient: • Easy patient positioning with optimized patient bed • Easy bed extraction by operator • Real time MR images • Only one fixed position for placing coils • High level of comfort during examination

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G-scan Brio: Real Time MRI G-scan Brio is an MRI system specifically developed to perform musculoskeletal examinations. Unlike a multipurpose MRI, all aspects of the G-scan Brio system, from coils to user interface, have been developed and optimized to perform musculoskekeletal MRI examinations in the most efficient and comfortable way. System handling and patient positioning therefore can be done by a single radiologist or technician. G-scan Brio comes with the real-time MR feature. Using a fast acquisition sequence, the touch screen display on the gantry will show in real-time the MR...

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Simply select the joint under examination on the touch screen

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G-scan Brio: the right Coil for the best exam performance G-scan Brio includes a complete set of receiving coils specially designed for the joints, which guarantees very high sensitivity and patient friendliness. The standard set includes: two 4 channel lumbar spine coils (large and small), a knee coil, a wrist/ hand coil, an ankle/foot coil and a shoulder coil which are all Dual Phased Array, a multipurpose flexible coil as well as a linear shoulder and cervical spine coil. An optional DPA cervical spine coil is also available. 4 Channel Lumbar Spine Coil Optional Cervical Spine Coil DPA...

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G-scan Brio reveals what supine MRI misses Images courtesy: Department of Radiology, University of L’Aquila, Italy Villa Donatello clinic, Florence, Italy Parker Instituttet, Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark G-scan Brio supine G-scan Brio weight-bearing Spine (FSE T2, 4mm) C-spine in weight-bearing flexion, evident ligament instability at level of C4-C5 Lumbar Spine (Transverse FSE T2) Articular facet instability highlighted in weight-bearing, while supine exam only shows arthrosis Knee (Coronal SE T1) In weight-bearing the actual damage to the cartilage of the medial compartment is clear...

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G-scan Brio weight-bearing Lumbar Spine (Sagittal FSE T2) Spondylolisthesis at L4-L5 level, highlighted in the weight-bearing position Lumbar Spine (Axial 3D Hyce) Increased foraminal stenosis evident from weight-bearing exam Lumbar Spine (Sagittal FSE T2) Impact of biomechanics: Disk extrusion under weight-bearing Lumbar Spine (Sagittal FSE T2) Spondylolisthesis, anterior shift of the vertebra more evident in the weight-bearing exam

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G-scan Brio: intuitive user interface The user interface is very simple and user friendly, routine exams can be performed by just a few mouse clicks. Even the most expert user will be fully satisfied as all scanning parameters can be personalized and the custom sequences can be stored and integrated in the normal menu structure for subsequent use. Thanks to its unique tilting design, the magnet unit can be rotated to move the patient into a true weight-bearing position. Normally the patient will be imaged first in the upright weight-bearing position and then in the traditional supine...

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G-scan Brio: connected to MSK needs Windows® Interface The G-scan Brio is easy to learn as it uses Windows® functionalities. The interface and protocols are custom designed for extremity and Spine MRI purposes which speeds up and simplifies the examination procedure considerably. G-scan Brio comes with all network, archiving and documentation features to work either stand alone or as part of an integrated environment. It has an integrated DVD archive and retrieve software package, printer facility and a patient CD package. G-scan Brio is also DICOM compliant and offers smart solutions for...

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G-scan Brio: Hassle-Free MRI Like all Esaote MRI systems, also G-scan Brio is a “one room” MRI system which means that the complete system, magnet, electronics and console can be installed in a single room of only 23 m2 (245 ft²). • G-scan Brio is based on an optimized permanent magnet so no cryogens and no complicated cooling systems are required. • Dedicated shielding available. The Esaote dedicated shielding is a pavilion style independent shielding that can be installed without any construction works. • Fast and high quality service. Thanks to the built-in remote service capability,...

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G-scan Brio, a turning point in MR imaging • Open permanent magnet • Rotating gantry • Shimming: passive • Very compact, installation space of 23 m2 (245 ft²) required • Low Power Consumption: Only 2.8 kW during acquisition • Power supply voltage: 200-210/220-240 V 50/60 Hz • Complete set of dedicated coils Esaote’s long-term strategy is to maintain its leadership position in dedicated MRI with products that reflect market needs. Evolution is Esaote’s continuous improvement program which ensures product and service enhancement as well as increased customer satisfaction. • Continuous...

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