MR-CT Product Overview - Brochure - 2 Pages

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MR-CT Product Overview - Brochure

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Functional Analysis • SA or LA based analysis • Automatic LV contour detection as well as contour propagation • Semi-automatic analysis of RV • Results; EF, Cardiac output, wall thickening, wall thickness, wall motion Breathing motion correction Synchronized Rest & Stress view Results and segmentation in one overview Automatic calculation of relative upslope (MPRI) Automatic scar tissue detection Transfer contours from cine SA images Quantification of core scar tissue and grey zone Edema volume, area at risk, myocardial salvage • Calculation of T1, T2 and T2* relaxation times • Graphic display of relaxation times and fitted curves • ROI placement Automatic 3D segmentation Visualization of streamlines, pathlines, vector fields 2D flow parameters of blood velocity Wall shear stress in a 3D model 1 In the US, Viability analysis and Perfusion analysis are for research use only and not meant for clinical decision support. • Automatic contour detection • Determination of velocities and regurgitation • Velocities coded by color Tissue Mapping and MR 4D flow are pending FDA 510(k) clearance and therefore meant

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CT Applications Aortic Root • Manual and automatic coronary centerline detection • Lesion quantification • Calcium scoring • Project centerlines on Angio View Left Atrial Appendage • Measurements of Diameters (perpendicular to the centre line), lengths and the angulation of the aortic arch • Calcium scoring Mitral Valve • Assesment of LAA closure procedures • Assess the anatomical shape and orientation of the LAA in 3D Direct Approach • Tracing the contours of the mitral valve gives a clear view of the saddle-like-shape • Assessment of LV anatomy and ability to perform measurements in 3D...

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