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MyLab™25 Gold - Brochure

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More than a Portable System General Imaging

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More than Mobile Setting a new standard: the Premium-performance Mobile • A new class of systems: the Gold Standard in terms of quality and solutions meets the portable ultrasound to deliver unmatched performance, defining a new class of systems. • Two electronic connectors: Two probes simultaneously connected to the systems allow fast selection and activation as well as extended range of applications even in the portable configuration. The high-level of the system ensures probe compatibility with top-end systems. • High performance 15” LCD monitor: the most recent LCD technologies ensure...

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Virtually move your echo-lab to the point-of-care The new MyLab25Gold is able to perfectly match the latest technological innovations with ease of use and portability. This new concept reflects and fully satisfies the recent evolution of the users needs: high performance and reliability on top of compactness and portability. While ensuring very high diagnostic confidence, the new MyLab25Gold offers a wide range of configurations to meet any clinical need and any user preference: • Portable: thanks to the integrated lightweight battery, MyLab25Gold can easily work with full performance even...

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More than Flexible Proud to be in the class of Premium-performance Mobile Ultrasound MyLab25Gold represents the optimal solution for the most demanding Shared Service department, covering and satisfying all the clinical needs in: • Abdominal • Ob/Gyn • Small Parts (Breast, Thyroid, ...) • Musculoskeletal • Neonatal • Vascular • Cardiology A wide range of transducers provide a specific solution for every single application while advanced image optimization methods (such as XView and MView) ensure clear images even in difficult-to-scan patients. Dedicated settings and automatic functions help...

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4D Imaging on top of Portability With the introduction of the MyLab25Gold, Esaote establishes a new standard in the ultrasound portable systems class. In combination with the high-level of performance in general imaging, MyLab25Gold offers an advanced package dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology. X4D technology provides astonishing volume reconstruction, normally delivered by high-end systems. A new milestone in the ultrasound world. A new success within the Esaote MyLab™ product line. The easy and comprehensive user interface allows immediate elaboration of the acquired data....

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More than Powerful A powerful platform re-designed to meet a premium-performance mobile ultrasound system A growing number of ultrasound users are today looking for an optimal solution where high performance meets mobile systems and portability. With MyLab25Gold, any technological innovation and solution has been re-designed to be applied to the most advanced portable system, able to deliver unmatched performance, increased diagnostic confidence and an extreme ease of use at the same time. Moreover, the high-level platform ensures extended modularity and upgradeability as well as easy and...

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A technological range never expected in this class of systems X4D All the technologies and features mentioned in 2D imaging are the basis on which sophisticated algorithms are able to deliver outstanding 3D/4D volume reconstructions. X4D technology makes volumetric ultrasound scanning easier and more effective than ever and provide raw data for further elaborations and reconstructions. QIMT technology can provide accurate realtime IMT measurement (21 μm) within one minute of exam, including a comprehensive report with IMT normal values over age. The accurate RF-based result allows a precise...

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More than Image Quality The Next Generation of Transducers • High performance and high density array to always ensure the optimal image quality, even introducing application-specific transducers • Extended bandwidth to deliver a wide range of settings for increased application of use, including standard and harmonic imaging • High sensitivity for precise Doppler detection, reflected on CFM, Power and PW/CW signal • Light-weight and ergonomic approach for user comfort in daily routine • Flexible cable for easy maneuverability during the scanning • Elevate durability and reliability to...

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The clinical results reflect diagnostic confidence Kidney - Power Doppler Liver - CnTi Baby spine Image Quality

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More than Data Management The key to enter today’s medical world Healthcare standards have changed compared to the past and the evolution is well visible both in the public and private environment. Hospitals and big clinics are more and more oriented to RIS/PACS systems, with special attention to DICOM and IHE compliance. Private offices are anyway evolving, and physicians ask for easy and fast modalities to export, review, report and share clinical data. MyLab25Gold offers the most up-to-date solutions: • High capacity (>120 GB SATA) for internal data storage • USB 2.0 and CD/DVD to export...

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Modular solutions to face more complex architectures BioPACS™ BioPACS™: your personal imaging assistant. A Single-Server mini-PACS configuration for patient-oriented Ultrasound data management able to manage a limited number of ultrasound diagnostic modalities with DICOM output. Clinical data, acquired from all supported devices, can be archived, reviewed, reported and printed or forwarded to any other PACS/ mini-PACS architecture. Org@nizer™ Org@nizer: improve efficiency, create convergence, optimize workflow. A scalable platform for the combined management of US images and clips, ECG...

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Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information refer to products or modalities not approved in all countries. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation NORTH AMERICA Esaote France S.A.R.L. Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH Esaote North America 14, Cambridge Science Park 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0FQ HONG KONG AND FAR EAST Brasilian Direct Office Esaote Asia Pacific Diagnostic Private Limited...

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