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MyLab™ClassC - Brochure CV

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Discover the Power of Touch

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Monitor orientation and articulated arm ECG cable and connectors holders Your Comfort with a Touch Simplicity Whenever physicians think of a high-level cardiovascular ultrasound systems, they ask for up-to-date platforms, with high-performance and advanced on-board technologies as well as simplicity and ease of use. MyLabClassC has been designed based on these key concepts in order to deliver a reliable diagnosis and to ensure every day productivity. With just one glance you will understand how MyLabClassC‘s simplicity has never been seen before on such a high level ultrasound scanner. High...

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Opti-Light Optimal lighting has always been a crucial factor for ultrasound imaging. The latest LCD Monitor Technology allows images to be clearly displayed under any condition. MyLabClassC also introduces an additional unique feature: Opti-Light. This feature, thanks to a light point behind the monitor, allows the operator to control the room's lighting level directly from the system, through the especially designed controls located on the touch screen. Optimized working conditions, better users’ comfort and improved patient care. Multifunction Touch Screen Optimized lighting Touch Screen...

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Prevention and Quantification with a Touch Quality Intima Media Thickness Quality Arterial Stiffness QIMT targets the blood vessel thickness measurement of an area of the Carotid artery’s which is selected for the investigation. Its ease of use combined with real time quality feedback, helps the operator to achieve accurate and reproducible results. The measurements (even when taken at different examination times) can be reported on a normalised graph displayed with plot indicators that will assist physicians in their diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. QAS targets the blood vessel...

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Coronary Flow Imaging The primary component in the Signal Processing Chain leading to the final ultrasound diagnostic image is the transducer. The material’s design and the technology employed to manufacture an ultrasound transducer are the key factors in determining the system’s image quality. iQProbe represents Esaote’s state-of-the-art Technology thanks to its innovative gold standard ultrasound transducers. Designed to improve performance and ergonomics, iQProbe Technology is based upon: - an innovative Active Matrix Composite Material - a Multiple Adaptive Layers Solution - Structure...

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Integration with a Touch Data management is very important today, both for users' comfort and patient care. Esaote offers an efficient solution for any need and any environment, ranging from stand alone workstation up to complex modular architectures. A flexible way to connect your MyLab to the PC, easily! MyLabDesk is Esaote’s answer to its user’s need for a simple and straightforward way to archive, review, post-process, report or print their MyLab examinations on a PC from the comfort of their (home) office or while travelling. MyLabDesk provides the means to increase workflow and...

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169 0026 00 (MA Rev. 03) Specifications subject to change without notice Information refer to products or modalities not approved in all countries. International Activities: Via di Caciolle, 15 50127 Florence, Italy, Tel. +39 055 4229 1, Fax +39 055 4229 208, Domestic Activities: Via A. Siffredi, 58 16153 Genoa, Italy, Tel. +39 010 6547 1, Fax +39 010 6547 275, FRANCE NORTH AMERICA Esaote France S.A.R.L. Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH Esaote North America 14, Cambridge Science Park 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona Milton Road, Cambridge,...

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