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MyLab™ClassC VET - Brochure

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MyLaBTwicei MyLaSClassCi Meet the worldwide leader in Veterinary Imaging 'The price of greatness is responsibility' Winston Churchill

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Commitment and dedication at the highest level In today’s veterinary practice, efficiency and productivity are of great importance. Changing clinical needs require medical equipment to deliver high performance, ease of use and innovative solutions. Esaote is committed to developing ultrasound systems that meet these demands and is proud to present MyLabTwiceVET and MyLabClassCVET!

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Patient ID Field The patient demographic screen is dedicated to the veterinary environment with fields for the animal’s name as well as species and breed. Applications The veterinary application software makes it easy to choose from a list of applications before starting the examination. After selecting the application, the system automatically loads the presets corresponding to the chosen purpose. A dedicated application icon is shown on the screen, confirming that the correct settings are selected. Measurements and Reports Confirming Esaote’s dedication to the veterinary world, complete...

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Advanced technologies for advanced procedures The MyLabTwiceVET as well as the MyLabClassCVET provide impressive image quality in all modalities and in a wide range of applications. Besides B-Mode, M-Mode and Doppler-imaging, the systems offer multiple advanced technologies to meet every clinical need. Tissue Enhancement Imaging This mode generally improves the brightness of the image by decreasing acoustic noise. The use of this technology is recommended when low frequency probes are used and especially for animals with difficult acoustic windows. This technology enlarges the field of view...

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Probes XStrain™ is a non-invasive tool to better investigate the myocardial function and explore and quantify aspects of the heart’s physiology which were not possible to detect and quantify with previous ultrasound technologies. With VPan imaging it is possible to store a continuous scan of the field of view in the system memory for as long as the operator requires. A revolutionary extension to realtime imaging which conventionally gives only a partial view of the organs under examination. CnTI™ With revolutionary real-time CnTI technology it is possible to implement innovative contrast...

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Stunning Images within reach Abdomen TP View Abdomen - B-Mode Abdomen - B-Mode Cardio - Contrast Cardio - CW-Doppler Cardio - M-Mode Tendon - B-Mode

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Abdomen - B-Mode Cardio - XStrain Tendon - B-Mode Tendon - Elaxto

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Premium performance & Point-of-Care ultrasound The MyLabTwiceVET is a premium ultrasound system meeting the continuously growing level of veterinary diagnostic needs in all modalities. The unique MyLabTwiceVET offers Premium Performance together with Point-of-Care ultrasound. In addition to the office-based system, the MyLabSatVET unit can be used where it is needed, from clinic to barn to the field.

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& The MyLabSatVET can be held on the user’s arm with the assistance of a shoulder harness. The screen orientation automatically rotates from landscape to portrait view. The simplified user interface and the configurable keys on the probe as well as the handle make ultrasound scanning easier than ever. The MyLabSatVET can be seamlessly integrated with the MyLabTwiceVET to provide improved workflow for quick and accurate diagnoses. Customizable buttons on the handle and probe Silicon cover to supplementary protect the system against shocks Very easy to clean due to the flush surface of the...

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High performance & efficiency The MyLabClassCVET is a high-level ultrasound system which is based on the concept of efficiency and productivity. The system delivers a reliable diagnosis and ensures daily productivity. One glance will reveal simplicity not seen before on a high-level ultrasound system. This compact system is easy to move and has a height-adjustable keyboard as well as a multi-plane articulated monitor arm for optimal positioning at all times.

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Flexibility through ultimate connectivity MyLabTwiceVET, MyLabSatVET and MyLabClassCVET have been designed to be limitless in connectivity and can be easily implemented in a Windows® or DICOM environment. MyLabDesk installs the user interface of the MyLab systems’ onto a standard PC. With this image management solution you can easily copy your total archive from the ultrasound system onto a standard PC for comfortable reviewing and image processing. MyLabApp visualizes images and clips on mobile devices for pointof-care reviewing. Other connectivity solutions are the integrated hard-disk,...

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DEKRAj Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation Mac® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. International Activities: Via di Caciolle, 15 50127 Florence, Italy, Tel. +39 055 4229 1, Fax +39 055 4229 208, Domestic Activities: Via A. Siffredi, 58 16153 Genoa, Italy, Tel. +39 010 6547 1, Fax +39 010 6547 275, FRANCE GERMANY SPAIN Esaote France S.A.R.L. Esaote Europe B.V. - Niederlassung Deutschland Esaote Espana SA. 10, rue deTemara, 78105 Saint Germain en Laye Tel. +49 2234 688 5632, Fax +49 2234 967 9628 08960 Sant Just...

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