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Compact & Complete Mobile Making the Difference! Patient ID/Owner Name The patient demographic screen is dedicated to the veterinary environment with fields for the animal’s name as well as species and breed. Application Selection The veterinary application software makes it easy to choose from a list of applications before starting the examination. After selecting the application, the system automatically displays the presets corresponding to the chosen purpose. A dedicated application icon is shown on the screen, confirming that the correct settings are selected. Confirming Esaote’s...

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MyLab™Delta, MyLab™Six VET - 3

MyLabDelta and MyLabSix are based on the same technology platform. Esaote offers the best solution for any situation, in any environment; MyLabDelta as a robust, portable for mobile use, or MyLabSix for more stationary use. Both systems can cover all examination needs in your practice; any species and every application, from small to large dogs, cats, and exotic animals to equine and farm animals. From abdominal, reproductive, and musculoskeletal to cardiology imaging. Office Modularity Both systems can be configured to your needs. The base is the B/W version with an OPUS SC3123...

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MyLab™Delta, MyLab™Six VET - 4

Small Animals Excellent image quality MyLabDelta and MyLabSix both provide impressive image quality in a wide range of applications. Besides B-mode, M-mode and Doppler imaging, the systems offer multiple advanced technologies to meet every clinical need. Abdomen - B-mode Abdomen - B-mode Abdomen - B-mode Cardio - OPUS Cardio - B-mode

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MyLab™Delta, MyLab™Six VET - 5

For over 30 years, Esaote has been the market leader in meeting the imaging needs of the veterinarians in their daily practice. Fully dedicated functionality, high image quality, and easy operation are the key attributes. Both MyLabSix and the portable MyLabDelta are designed to fulfill the small animal veterinarian’s expectations. OPUS One Probe Ultrasound Solution SC3123 Micro-Convex Probe This unique micro-convex transducer is designed for abdominal as well as basic heart ultrasounds. Its wide frequency range means it can be used for cats, dogs of different sizes, and exotic animals.....

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MyLab™Delta, MyLab™Six VET - 6

Equine & Farm Animals Cardio - M-mode Libraries MyLibrary is an innovative application and dedicated tool integrated in both systems for users’ reference, which includes anatomical atlases and “How To” reference images, so users can instantly and easily have access to a fast, thorough, and applicationspecific educational environment. Repro - B-mode

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MyLabDelta and MyLabSix cover all possible equine and farm animal applications. Specific transducers are available for reproductive scanning, tendons and ligaments, cardiac and general imaging. The unique libraries supporting equine reproductive and tendon scanning confirm Esaote’s commitment and leadership in the field. Veterinary Endorectal Transducer Veterinary Endorectal Transducer (SV3513) The famous Esaote Veterinary Endorectal Transducer has a proven reputation based on its image quality, reliability, ergonomic design, and durability. This transducer is widely used for reproductive...

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MyLab™Delta, MyLab™Six VET - 8

Join the Global Leader in Veterinary Imaging Esaote is the pioneer in ultrasound and MRI in the veterinary field. Esaote has over 30 years of market leadership and is a preferred supplier for veterinary practices, clinics, and research centers, and also for many zoos and wildlife institutions. Offering the perfect products in terms of quality, functionality, price, service, and education, combined with a deep understanding of veterinarians’ needs, guarantees our top position in the veterinary imaging market. Please challenge us with your imaging, ultrasound, and/or MRI needs in your daily...

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