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MyLab™GOLD Platform - Brochure GI

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General Imaging Ultrasound Choice

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The Premium Ultrasound Choice

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> Quality > Flexibility > Workflow > Value Impressive Image Quality Advanced Architecture Software-Based Updating Easy and Fast Interfacing Unique Versatility eXtended Modular Architecture MyLab Gold architecture allows unlimited solutions in modularity, offering extreme flexibility in system configurations. Intelligent parallel signal elaboration allows to face any computational process and additional function not affecting performance and speed. eXtreme Beam Former The latest generation beamformer allows complex pulse design and advanced management of excitation waveform. As a result of...

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Extending Ergonomics and Design LCD Height Adjustment* +165 mm -1610 mm * only for MyLab70XVG adjustable LCD Control Panel Height Adjustment 880 mm - 1030 mm Control Panel Rotation ± 50°

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User comfort and satisfaction is reflected in diagnostic confidence and clinical results. All-Inclusive Platform New Transducers One-Touch Workflow Automatic Controls RF Output Esaote has always been recognized as a leader in ergonomics, design and simplicity of use. To maintain this leadership, appreciated by users and All-Inclusive Platform recognized by international awards, the all the MyLab systems have been designed together with the operator. This design concept recognizes that the operator has the most important role in clinical workflow, and that the system should be a reliable...

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Advanced Technologies Latest Innovations in Your Hands Virtual Navigator Tissue Enhancement Imaging The superb contrast and detailed resolution of TEI technology give you the diagnostic edge. Thanks to the wide bandwidth of the Esaote's transducers, the harmonic signal is fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information. Easyto-use, one-button access and quick response time make TEI a true technological advantage in routine ultrasound use. Further step towards tissue characterization Non-invasive method to support the physician in assessing tissue elasticity. The differences...

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Extending Diagnostic Confidence

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The clinical results reflect diagnostic confidence Image Quality

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Extending Connectivity and Data Sharing

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Increase clinical workflow, expand productivity and reduce the cost of daily activities. Real-time archiving Instant connectivity to PC environments Up-to-date peripheral configuration Wireless integrated connection DICOM compliance IHE compliance MyLab Desk, BioPACS™, Org@nizer™ The high performance of the MyLab Gold Platform combined with extensive connectivity capabilities can increase clinical workflow, expand productivity and reduce the cost of daily activities. This is a reality either in a bustling hospital department, where interfacing with the most updated network architecture is...

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833 0815 000 (MA Rev. 07) Specifications subject to change without notice Information refer to products or modalities not approved in all countries. International Activities: Via di Caciolle, 15 50127 Florence, Italy, Tel. +39 055 4229 1, Fax +39 055 4229 208, Domestic Activities: Via A. Siffredi, 58 16153 Genoa, Italy, Tel. +39 010 6547 1, Fax +39 010 6547 275, FRANCE NORTH AMERICA Esaote France S.A.R.L. Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH Esaote North America 14, Cambridge Science Park 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona Milton Road, Cambridge,...

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