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for affordable shared services

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Maximising user comfort and diagnostic confidence Designed with exclusive ergonomics and ultrasound imaging features, MyLab™Six is the Premium Choice in its class. Discover the system’s performance and usability which is perfectly tailored for your daily clinical needs.

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Touchscreen technology Easy workflow A powerful ultrasound engineering or an ergonomic probe design can certainly improve your work, but few things help you feel more productive. MyLab™Six offers an unconventional 19-inch widescreen LCD, where clinical images and data are flawlessly displayed to increase users’ comfort and to reduce eyestrain. This system’s touchscreen design delivers advantages such as greater speed, superior responsiveness and easy interface usage. MyLab™Six provides a large and high resolution touch panel that promptly displays functions and commands precisely when you...

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From application specific to fully shared services General Imaging and Women’s Health MyLab™Six integrates the latest Imaging Technologies such as Tissue Enhancement Imaging (TEI) and XView algorithm processing to provide you with exceptional high-resolution and artefact-free images. An additional powerful technique, the MView (optional), allows to further enhance details to display enhanced borders and interface structures. An ultra sensitive Colour & Power Doppler with Spectral waveform analysis is available to support vascular investigations. It also includes special advanced...

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Cardiology and Vascular MyLab™Six delivers an extraordinary cardiovascular ultrasound package, starting from fundamental 2D-M mode imaging (with TEI and XView Technologies) to top performing CFM, PW and CW Doppler, that properly manage any kind of required examination. The measurements configurator allows users to add any new measurements to the default packages by defining their label, formulas and final report display. The innovative Compass M-Mode option allows up to multiple M-Mode lines, as well as TVM (Tissue Velocity Mapping) while the Stress Echo package provides a complete wall...

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High on vision, Low on noise Stay focused on your exam without being distracted by the sound of your ultrasound system. MyLab™Six is appreciated as an extreme silent scanner for utmost user comfort during the examination. It leaves sonographers free to fully concentrate on patient and diagnosis. Ultra-low-power consumption Experience a resilient system which makes careful use of resources by requiring less energy. The core of MyLab™Six is green, providing a proficient long-lasting system for shared service applications which results in more efficient healthcare.

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Touchscreen technology Cable organizer Storage Shelf Esaote’s appleprobe Wireless connectivity Remote service Being equipped with wireless connectivity, easy networking is just a click away. Your system will be recovered in the shortest time possible. Simply connect it to the network and Esaote’s Service Team will easily troubleshoot any issues, perform proactive maintenance and monitor performance. The innovative approach in ergonomics keeps hands and wrists in their natural alignment by distributing grip throughout the entire hand as when one grips an apple. You can relieve finger and the...

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The Premium Choice for affordable shared services FRANCE Esaote Medical SAS ZA du Bel Air 10, rue de Témara, 78105 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Tel. +33 1 8204 8900, Fax +33 1 3061 7210 GERMANY Esaote Biomedica Deutschland GmbH Max-Planck-Straße 27a 50858 Köln Tel. +49 2234 688 5600, Fax +49 2234 967 9628 SPAIN Esaote España S.A. C/. Pont Reixat, 5 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona Tel. +34 93 473 2090, Fax +34 93 473 2042 THE NETHERLANDS AND BELGIUM Esaote Benelux B.V. Philipsweg 1 6227 AJ Maastricht Tel. +31 43 3824650, Fax +31 43 3824651...

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