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MyLab™Six CrystaLine - Brochure

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• Penetration and details as never seen before • Maximisation of signal information • Enhanced diagnostic value • Low power consumption • More efficient hea

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Outstanding image quality Large probe portfolio Broad connectivity options Customisable workflow Italian design

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Outstanding image quality Difficult-to-scan patients are quite common in today’s echo labs. The Esaote MyLabSix CrystaLine upgrade addresses these challenges by offering better penetration, optimal image contrast, increased spatial resolution and less speckle artefacts. Reducing ultrasound examination time is a compelling request in sonographers’ everyday work. Besides this, the numerous repeated actions performed during an examination can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Top-level image quality and haemodynamics evaluation tools. XView Adaptive image enhancement MView...

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Large probe portfolio Broad connectivity options Italian design During the real-time acquisition, the ultrasound probe is a continuously handled interface for the operator which can lead to hand stress and fatigue. All our systems are equipped with wired and wireless connectivity for easy networking and patient management. Esaote systems are being developed in Italy, recognised as a worldwide trendsetting location for (industrial) design. Extensive connectivity technology Innovative and efficient design • Easy networking • DICOM and IHE compliance • MyLabDesk3 software for comfortable image...

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Numerous repeated actions Advanced diagnostic tools: • VPan: Extended field-of-view imaging • Needle enhancement for clear visualisation of needle insertion and path • 3D/4D reconstruction software with multiple volume management and dedicated tools • Needle enhancement for clear visualisation of needle insertion and path • VPan: Extended field-of-view imaging Large selection of probes: • Convex array probes for difficult-­o-­ can patients t s • Linear array probes from 3 to 22 MHz • Biopsy-dedicated convex probe with 0°, 5°, 15° needle insertion angle • Transrectal dual array and...

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Advanced diagnostic tools: Advanced diagnostic tools: • 3D/4D reconstruction software with multiple volume management dedicated tools • TMI (tomographic imaging) for multiplane view of the reconstructed volume • TSI (thick slice imaging) to enhance a selected portion of the full reconstructed volume • VRA (volume rendering analysis) for 3D measurements and evaluation • TVM (tissue velocity mapping) • CMM (compass M-mode) on multiple view lines • QIMT: Radiofrequency-based IMT for real-time quality measurement assessment and top precision • Stress Echo for cardiac function assessment during...

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LESS energy required MORE efficient healthcare LESS complexity MORE results Thank you for considering Esaote Where listen to your needs and work every day to provide the most advanced technologies and the most innovative design for you to excel in the care of your patients Please visit us online for more information 0123 SPAIN Esaote España S.A. C/. Pont Reixat, 5 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona Tel. +34 93 473 2090, Fax +34 93 473 2042 FRANCE Esaote Medical SAS ZA du Bel Air 10, rue de Témara, 78105 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Tel. +33 1 8204 8900, Fax +33 1 3061 7210...

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