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Ultrasound imaging beyond efficiency Esaote’s new MyLab™X7 technology allows you to make better, faster, and more reliable decisions thanks to extremely intuitive usability and ergonomics that meets every need. Take advantage of a resilient, green and movable system with outstanding image quality, optimally simple interface usage, and significantly faster outputs thanks to the zero-click automation functions. Details can be seen as never before with the IPS technology LED monitor, while advanced hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution allow you to make...

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Increased diagnostic confidence MyLab™X7 demonstrates extended configuration features, which help the physician perform as well as possible during advanced procedures. It incorporates innovative and advanced features, including CPI, High Sensitive microV, XStrain4D, XSTIC that now enable clinicians to confidently use ultrasound in all kinds of examinations. Optimised workflow Thanks to its powerful Windows™ 10 platform, MyLab™X7 targets reduced examination times and a better workflow by means of a wide range of automatic "zero-click" process functions for imaging, doppler,...

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Zero-click automation XView+    CPI Needle visibility AutoNT    AutoEF The new high-performance real-time algorithm for speckle reduction. Clear and detailed imaging for better diagnostics; also works in post processing - the final touch for optimal imaging quality. CPI is a combination of low/ high frequency modulation. Get confident diagnostics for every patient with optimal resolution and better penetration. Enhanced and clear visualization of the needle during intervention procedures. Hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution for lesion...

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In a fast-changing world where the value of information is increased by the possibility of sharing it, the highest level of clinical data management has to be offered to meet today's medical needs. The worldwide medical imaging community has entered a new era of communication opportunities. Based on Windows™ 10, these developments enable imaging professionals to reach diagnoses more effectively and efficiently, which can in turn raise the level of overall healthcare provided. DICOM connectivity (including Query/Retrieve) • Multi-modality archive Wireless connectivity • MyLabTablet onnectivi...

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Applications General imaging Esaote’s new MyLab™X7 covers all clinical needs, from abdominal to endocrinological applications, to establish a diagnosis and provide the best possible therapy and follow-up. MyLab™X7 is equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular configurations. It is a complete system for any cardiovascular ultrasound exam featuring customizable measurements and reporting. MyLab™X7 brings a high level of automation and ergonomics to any point of care setting, thereby improving workflows and reducing examination time. Women’s health The convex and endocavity probes...

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Please visit us online for more information Esaote S.p.A. - sole-shareholder company Via Enrico Melen 77, 16152 Genova, ITALY, Tel. +39 010 6547 1, Fax +39 010 6547 275, Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. MyLab™ is a trademark of Esaote SpA. CnTI™: The use of Contrast Agents in the USA is limited by FDA to the left ventricle opacification and to characterization of focal liver lesions. Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet...

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