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Esaote MRI, designed to make a difference. Esaote MRI systems are designed to make a difference and the O-scan is fully in line with Esaote's design philosophy. For the patient, O-scan is a comfortable non claustrophobic MRI whereas image quality, exam-times and workflow live up to today's high expectations. The unique systems efficiency and economics make O-scan an ideal solution for standalone specialty clinic or as an addon unit in the radiology department. The O-scan represents a perfect response to today's needs of cost containment without compromising quality and workflow.

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O-scan, Top Performance MRI in a small Form Factor. O-scan, all the musculoskeletal MRI performance you need in an easy to install, easy to run package. Don't get misled by size, Oscan comprises Esaote's long-term experience and dedication to MSK-MRI offering top level image quality able to satisfy the needs also of the most demanding user. O-scan comprises the latest MRI technology like Metal Artifact Reduction, True-Motion MRI for dynamic joint evaluation, 3DHYCE for cartilage imaging, and patented tecnology like Speed-Up for enhanced throughput. Designed for comfort means performing the...

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eXP Technology* provides faster overall system response thanks to a number of sophisticated MRI software techniques and a high-power workstation. Wrist XBONE Sagittal Ankle STIR Sagittal 0,4 mm Slice True-Motion Metal Artifact Reduction * eXP Technology is an optional package for O-scan

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Knee 3D SHARC Axial Knee XBONE Sagittal Wrist SpinEcho T1 Axial Elbow 3D SHARC Coronal Foot SpinEcho T1 Axial

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3D Imaging Esaote True-Motion means imaging of the joint in motion. The ergonomic design of the O-scan facilitates    , imaging of the joints in motion opening a whole new spectrum of possibilities like e.g. evaluation of impingement and post-op evaluation of ACL and PCL repairs. • Fast scanning SW & HW in combination with video streaming technologies enables this special application. • The whole procedure only, including slice positioning takes about 1 minute. • Movie is stored in avi format, visible on almost any device. Metal Artifact Reduction

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The advanced features of O-scan are appreciated by users as well as patients, a perfect synergy for in-patient and outpatient services.

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Ease of Use The O-scan is easy to use and learn as it uses Windows® functionalities. The interface and protocols are custom designed for extremity MRI which considerably speeds up and simplifies the examination procedure. • Remote Assistance All Esaote MRI systems have remote service capability. Remote connection gives Esaote service and application specialists the possibility to perform system checks, verify image quality and help the local operator set optimal exam parameters. Remote Service shortens reactions times and improves the efficiency of the service visits. % Connectivity O-scan...

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The real-time feature allows you to start the scout scan and check patient positioning directly from the gantry. All Esaote MRI systems have patient comfort at heart and the 0-scan is no exception. Its optimal ergonomics not only eliminates claustrophobic reactions, it also gives maximum comfort and stability also for larger patients. Patient positioning is simple, easy and fast with 0-scan, thanks also to the real-time positioning device.

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• Powerful dedicated magnet • Shimming: passive and active • Very compact, minimal space • Light weight MRI • Integrated RF shielding • Extremely Low running costs • Low Power Consumption (1 kW) Easy installation, ease of use, low maintenance technology, low energy consumption, no cryogens, remote service possibility make O-scan a very smart investment even for sites with a low workload. The lowest break-even in industry. Examination Costs

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Optimal image quality covering your day to day needs in MRI imaging •scan Esaote Dedicated MRI Premium 0 Need high throughput, choose O-scan premium with Speed-Up and TR reduction technologies Low volumes or economic constraints? O-scan is the perfect solution Light Patient friendly ¥ Advanced imaging. O-scan premium includes features like 3D Isotropic, MAR, True Motion, Fast scanning technologies like Speed-Up and many more to support the advanced imaging functions Dedicated multichannel coils for excellent image quality Real-Time Display for fast positioning Minimal installation...

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ESAOTE S.p.A. Via Enrico Melen, 77 16152 Genova, ITALY, Tel. +39 010 6547 1, Fax +39 010 6547 275, info@esaote.com Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative. Please visit us online for more information

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