SUITESTENSA RIS PACS/RT/MG, The Digital Revolution - Enterprise Imaging - Brochure - 16 Pages

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SUITESTENSA RIS PACS/RT/MG, The Digital Revolution - Enterprise Imaging - Brochure

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revolution Enterprise Imaging

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Enterprise Imaging Enterprise imagi software solutio

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Enterprise Imaging ing ns Ebit is the Esaote’s Healthcare IT Company focused on Enterprise IT software systems for seamless integrated workflows processes in multiple departments, enterprise and regional network architectures to facilitate information sharing. Italian market leader and among the main players in Europe and worldwide, Ebit is specialized in producing IT systems: VNA, PACS, RIS, CVIS.

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Enterprise Imaging Suitestensa platform is the most complete Diagnostic Imaging Software for workflow management, from Modality to Enterprise IT systems, implementing Structured Report, 3D/4D image processing, Quantitative Analysis software, multiplatform Mobile & Cloud Solutions for clinical collaboration and results distribution. Suitestensa. An extensive sui products Suitestensa provides Vendor Neutral Enterprise Archives, to ensure broad compatibility and interoperability of products and technologies and managing DICOM and non-DICOM images. Suitestensa achieves transversal data...

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Enterprise Imaging Cut down response time: Customer Care is the key driver Remote and on-site assistance and real-time monitoring, technical application support, training and education, maintenance: thanks to its Project Management, Field Engineering, Customer Service and Maintenance Teams, Ebit provides assistance to customers, through pre-post-sales courses and 24/7 on-site maintenance service. A Digital Healthcare careful to People and Resources PACS & VNA systems allow to manage and share all medical information among healthcare IT networks. The benefits for patients are huge...

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Enterprise Imaging Suitestensa bridges RIS, PACS, VNA and applications, gathering the diagn environment and user interface Suitestensa RIS Increase workflow efficiency of medical, administrative and technical staff • Vendor independent streamlined workflow standard and customized integration with your own HIS, NHS reservation centers, Order Entry, ADT, Emergency, Repositories Suitestensa RIS is the all-in-one solution for the effective implementation of filmless and paperless hospitals. With its customizable workspaces and complete Structured Report system, Suitestensa has changed thinking...

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Enterprise Imaging nostic process into a single Suitestensa PACS The Enterprise-level qualified hospital workflow Suitestensa PACS is the enterprise system for image acquisition, archiving, distribution and management over local or remote networks of multi-departmental and multi-site healthcare centers. It integrates with HIS and all imaging modalities thanks to DICOM, HL7 and FDA-XML standards, supporting systems’ interoperability and avoiding data duplication. • The newest Metadata Management: metadata preservation, differentiated between DICOM images and PDF reports • Scientific archive...

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Enterprise Imaging

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Enterprise Imaging From Prevention to Therapy: turn images into clinical decisions Suitestensa Review Suitestensa Review is the 2D, 3D & 4D enhanced viewing, managing and processing to facilitate clear communication • CT, MR, NMR, CR, DR, DX, RF, US/Echo, XA, etc., with predefined and user-defined reading protocols • Basic and advanced tools for display of images, measurements and analysis, processing • Operations on series (image tagging, sorting, navigation and synchronization, presentation states) • Clip mode for dynamic images, with playback control and digital slow motion • DICOM/non...

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Enterprise Imaging Enable zero footprint instant updates to your patients’ overall clinical picture Suitestensa Enterprise Archive VNA clinical repository, for PatientCentric multi-departmental cross-communication and clinical collaboration The single point of information access for all the healthcare IT applications connected, designed to store and manage DICOM and non-DICOM information from other Specialties IT systems across the healthcare enterprise and allowing PACS and other IT solutions to be interchangeable. • Open standards (DICOM, XDS and XDS-I, HL7) • Management of non-DICOM data...

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Enterprise Imaging

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Teleradiology on the forefront of E-Health scene for cost-effective Public Health Suitestensa Cloud Services The virtualized Suitestensa environment that does not require local space or additional servers and helps reducing costs Share your data and workflow: become more cost effective avoiding in-house space for physical infrastructure, costly software upgrades or hardware replacements. It will be easy to collaborate with others and for systems to collaborate with each other: having everything accessible in the cloud, all the time, allows for anytime access for anyone of the team. • Remote...

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Enterprise Imaging Suitestensa Patient Portal Patient engagement strategies help improve both clinical and financial results, promoting collaboration, communication and greater patient satisfaction Meet patients’ needs providing home health quality services: patients will be able to access their exams from home and from any mobile device, improving timeliness in report delivery and equity care to those who may suffer from impaired clinical conditions. Avoid CD/DVD publishing, maximize the efficiency of your staff and reduce administrative burdens with medical record web distribution to...

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Enterprise Imaging Suitestensa MG. Breast imaging Mammography Information System and PACS for breast cancer screening programs and mammography clinical workflow. MG Screening All Patient’s history in a unified working environment fully customizable • Integration with Regional Screening Programs in HIS, RIS PACS environments • Full administrative tools • Structured representation of anamnestic data • Structured Reports withBI-RADS codes • Configurable report templates • Full Access to previous examinations and clinical patient history • Alerts • Process review with automatic third reading or...

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